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1 October, Thursday

Prof. NS. Shenocak - cruelty of some EU states is against the Charter of Human Rights and should be condemned

Turkey takes all necessary precautions against the pandemic for its nations, including Syrian refugees at camps

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The rising global crisis due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus gives yet no rest to the world. The World Health Organisation (WHO) continues to call the countries, population of the world to take extra precaution for protecting themselves from being infected. Since many strong alerts from across the countries, where the virus resulted with many death facts, the companies, industries and international organizations switched online work system. The United Nations and dozens of its institutes like many other organisations worldwide have switched to work online as well. 

“The New World Order, Global Governance is going to be shaped under the shadow of COVID-19 which is a World-changing,” said Professor Naciye Selin Shenocak. 

In her exclusive interview to EDNews, the best friend of International Eurasia Press Fund, Professor Naciye Selin Shenocak, who has recently been appointed to the Academic Council Board Member of Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute at UN, also explained how the COVID 19 disease affected the world. 

Professor Naciye Selin Senocak holds PhD on Political Sciences and she is Chair Holder of UNESCO Cultural Diplomacy, Governance and Education,  Armenia-Azerbaijan Civil Peace Platform  Steering Committee Board Member, Director of Diplomatic and Strategic Studies Centre (CEDS Turkey), Board of Governor Member Jain University (SCLE) India Bangalore, Researcher for the European Leadership in Cultural, Science and Innovation Diplomacy (EL-CSID), President of KARAD (Black Sea Women Association for Sustainable Development).

She said as members of Board Programme Council for  Dialogue of Civilisations Institute in Berlin, they are studying on a very challenging issue for UN 75 Anniversary on the topic of “75 years on: World Order at the Crossroads Again”.  

“We should reinvent the Global Governance, UN needs an immediate transformation, and we can observe the impotence of the United Nations face to the world crises, wars and conflict resolutions. We can also note that with the COVID 19 pandemic crisis in the World, there is a real problem of leadership. UN is absent, they were the first to leave the ship, and each country tries to handle these crises with its own means. The international community is bankrupt.  UN reform is endlessly discussed, but there is sharp disagreement on what kind of reform is needed and for what purpose. Foundations, think tanks and commissions regularly call for institutional renovation somber warnings that the UN must "reform or die."” 

Earlier this week, UN reported 86 of its staff members worldwide have been found virus cases. What further measures has UN taken on prevention of spread of this deadly virus around the globe?  

- The only measure communicated to us by the United Nations and UNESCO is the closure of the headquarters until April 30, 2020. As I mentioned above, the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations was planned for October 20, 2020 but with the gravity of the current situation which will last according to experts at least 6 months, the celebration will probably be postponed. Regarding the management of the Crisis of this pandemic we note a total ineffectiveness of the WHO.

In order to prevent the possible exposure of coronavirus in Azerbaijan, the Operational Headquarters under Cabinet of Ministers declared a special quarantine regime. This was not only for the safety of population but also safety of its neighbour countries too. What measures has Tukish government taken or going to take, especially given the situation of Syrian refugees at the camps?

- Turkey is taking important, but late, prevention. It should have closed its borders in the beginning of February, especially when Iran announced the interference of the COVID-19 pandemic in its country. On the contrary, Turkey has let hundreds of people do its Umra in Saudi Arabia and travel across the World especially in China. Today, the cases of Syrian refugees in the Turkish border have become an important concern for the country. Despite the desire of its refugees to exile, Turkey takes the necessary precautions against the pandemic. However, the violent and inhuman repulsion of the European Union (Greece and Bulgaria) is against the Charter of Human Rights and should be condemned.

There is still a panic concerning some leaking media sources about recurrence of a new type of coronavirus that can hit the world. What are your personal views about this?

- I am neither a doctor nor an expert in virology. Like you, we hear that this pandemic is changing, especially it continues to live on the deceased and spreads very quickly. This is the reason why the World will not return to a normal life before 6 months according to virology experts. I have a lot of hope with the treatment of Prof Didier Raoult, well-known scientist, Head of Infectious Disease Clinic at Marseille Hospital, who applies a treatment based on chloroquine and antibiotic. His treatment is a hope especially for those people at the beginning of this disease. These results are promising, however, he is waging an unprecedented fight against the major pharmaceutical groups.

This pandemic is a big challenge and opportunity for Humanity for solving this crisis in a spirit of cooperation, for the sustainability of a better World.

By Elnur Enveroglu 

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