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6 March, Saturday

Azerbaijan can also reclaim its western territories - the Uzbek historian said

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After the liberation of Karabakh, the glorious Azerbaijani army can take Zangazur and other western Azerbaijan lands on the basis of a claim for compensation for economic, political and moral damage inflicted on the Republic of Azerbaijan for 30 years, said the Uzbek historian and publicist Shuhrat Barlas in his exclusive interview to Eurasia Diary.

- After the liberation of Zangilan, the Armenian military began to retreat to the border with Nakhchivan. At this point, the Armenians tried to protect their borders by raising the Russian flag near the border. How can this be explained?

- Of course, the main reason is fear. In fact, this means that the Armenians have suddenly proved with this image that no territory belonging to them has ever existed in this geography. You know, today Azerbaijan is currently fighting alone to liberate its lands from occupation. It is clear that there is no mercenary force in the Azerbaijani army, unlike the Armenians. However, Armenians today do not hesitate to take any opportunities that are against the international law.

As a historian, I would like to add that historically, Armenians had neither any country nor a flag. They are simply being used as a tool by the Russians, who do not fully express their intentions in the Caucasus. For this reason, they did not know what to do out of fear and anxiety, and immediately had to reveal their rulers. However, the ambiguous attitude of the Russians towards the Azerbaijani Turks throughout the history in the Caucasus is not a secret. As a result, today Azerbaijan is making Armenian authority to pay the price of that historical injustice in front of everyone.

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- Can the borders of Azerbaijan and Armenia be discussed again after the end of the Karabakh war, given the dark history of the 19th and early 20th centuries?

- In general, it is incorrect to compare the Azerbaijani state, as well as its army with the so-called Armenian state. If the Azerbaijani side decides to move the army towards Nakhchivan or the ancient western lands, it can take back Zangazur and other lands within a month. This is the right of Azerbaijan as a state to regain its territorial integrity within the framework of international law.

However, I would like to note that if Armenia violates the border agreement at the end of the Karabakh war, the Azerbaijani army may have full authority to turn Irevan upside down. Of course, no doubt that Russia will be first to express its negative reaction to this issue, however time will say everything.

- We know that Nakhchivan is the only border connecting Azerbaijan with Turkey. What steps can be taken by Azerbaijan and Turkey to unite the Azerbaijani side in Nakhchivan after the liberation of Karabakh?

- In fact, it is only a matter of time before Azerbaijan starts military operations against Armenia. However, from the viewpoint of the law, according to the 51st article in the UN Resolution, Azerbaijan has full rights to protect its lands. Armenia is now very keen to start a war against Azerbaijan, and despite the ceasefire, it repeatedly fired deadliest rockets at civilian areas from its territory, which was a clear provocation and genocide against Azerbaijan. In such a situation, of course, Azerbaijan had to be cautious and focus on Karabakh, and so did it. Nevertheless, the Armenian side still insists on inciting Azerbaijan to war by killing civilians and causing serious damage to the country. I would like to note that there is a CSTO, highest body of the Organization that included Armenia as a member after its establishment in 1992. However, as Armenia seriously breaches the main provision o the collective security treaty, today Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, especially Kazakhstan, may raise the issue of Armenia's withdrawal from the CSTO.

From another legal point of view, after the liberation of Karabakh, Armenians can take Zangazur and other western lands on the basis of a claim for compensation for economic, political and moral damage inflicted on the Republic of Azerbaijan for 30 years. Azerbaijan's international lawyers must make special efforts in this regard. Turkey can play a leading role on the political side of this issue by all means. This is absolutely possible and Azerbaijan already has a strong political will, military authority and economic opportunities to claim its historical lands. Of course, without excluding the role of Turkey as a political force, Azerbaijan can do it at any time.

By Elnur Enveroglu 

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