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27 July, Tuesday

Presidential aide gave an exclusive interview to Al-Jazeera - VIDEO

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The Azerbaijani Patriotic War has been regularly covered by Al Jazeera TV since September 27, and the events have been reported to the world community.
Eurasia Diary reports  that Al Jazeera TV, in cooperation with the International Eurasian Press Fund,  has prepared and presented to the international community more than 100 reports, live broadcasts and stories from the first days of the Great Patriotic War. Yesterday, international and local media outlets visited the liberated villages of Fuzuli region and the city of Fizuli. The initiator of the visit, Hikmet Hajiyev, Aide to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration, gave an exclusive interview to Al Jazeera.
Eurasia Diary presents the interview to readers:

- You are entering the Fuzuli after approximately 27 years. There is widespread destruction. What is the plan?

- Actually, we see the destruction. It is vandalism committed by Armenia against this city. Fuzuli was one of the prosperous cities of Azerbaijan before occupation. Azerbaijan has already started urban planning and city planning process. So, after the construction of Fuzuli, we will bring internally displaced population back to the Fuzuli and other occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Once again, the international community will see the difference between the destruction of Armenia and construction of Azerbaijan. But of course Armenia as a state bears the responsibility for such an actions of the war crime, crimes against humanity includes the policy of vandalism. Based on assessments, of course, we will continue to appeal to international institutions, including the international courts. 

- There is a demand by Azerbaijan to include Turkish peacekeepers, where they will going to be, how many are them are going to deploy, that is not decided. So how are you going to talk about IDPs coming back to various areas when there is still so much pending?

- Indeed, the return of IDPs is not going to be an immediate process. A lot needs to be done. No infrastructure has been left here. No solid building have been left here. All areas have been contaminated with mines and unexploded ordinances. Everything has been destroyed. Therefore it requires Azerbaijan to start a new transformation restoration policy in these areas. The Russian peacemakers are deployed in Nagorno Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. As regard, Turkish peacekeepers are in the monitoring system and currently, parameters are in the process of discussion.

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