"The violated ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan makes integration impossible" Ishkhan Verdiyan

In the process of peace negotiations, the Armenians violated the ceasefire again. Less than twenty-four hours after the peace talks or meetings between the two countries - Azerbaijan-Armenia, we hear that the ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan has been violated.
Armenians talk about peace and then violate the ceasefire. This has a bad effect on the integration of Karabakh Armenians into Azerbaijani society. These provocations also put the civilian population in a bad situation. Why does the Armenian government not react to this? Do not they want to accept Pashinyan's speech seriously? What is the main reason for all these situations? 
Political expert Ishkhan Verdiyan told Ednews that we must first clearly distinguish the concept of "Armenians":
"Yes, Armenians who live in Armenia really want peace and long for the day when this nightmare will end, so they did not oppose Prime Minister Pashinyan's words about the recognition of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity. Karabakh Armenians do not want any peace, at least in the form in which this world is presented in Armenia. Armenians who live in Karabakh want peace as an independent country separated from Azerbaijan. These two approaches are diametrically opposed, so it would be wrong to consider two societies with opposing views as a single community.
According to him, Armenians in Karabakh do not want any integration, at least the criminal political elite declares it openly and severely punishes anyone who dares to talk about integration:
"Therefore, their hostile attitude towards the Azerbaijani side and complete intolerance towards everything Azerbaijani, which results in continuous provocations on the border - in the zone where the Russian peacekeeping contingent is responsible. And these provocations will most likely continue until the criminals in power feel a real threat to their property, liberty, or life. 
"Armenia does not react to these manifestations and does not want to put its back on the ground. It is easier for Nikol Pashinyan's government to blame Azerbaijan for everything than to show the Karabakh bandits their inappropriate behavior. So far, there is no known case where the official Yerevan declared injustice to the Karabakh Armenians and advised them to do the right thing. The reason for this is that the so-called "Artsakh" has been artificially sanctified almost to the status of a holy land for the citizens of Armenia, and as a result, criticism of the "saints" by the society will be regarded as treason. Pashinyan can admit that he made a mistake, but he still cannot admit that the Karabakh bandits made a mistake," said I. Verdiyan.
According to a political expert, this situation does not prevent integration, it makes integration impossible:
"Ordinary people are silent and cannot talk about their real intentions. I see the solution in one thing - first of all, we need to get rid of the thugs who hold the power in their hands. And looking at the recent statements of the President of Azerbaijan, it seems that the country's government is committed to this priority of action."