Iran's diplomatic power may be undermined - Britain and Germany may close embassies next - EXPERT -

1 April, Saturday

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Iran's diplomatic power may be undermined - Britain and Germany may close embassies next - EXPERT

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"In addition to being an active supporter of terrorism, Iran is also a sponsor of terrorism. Although this has already been adopted by a number of countries, it has not yet been formalized. At the same time, a number of countries have already started to recognize Iran as one of the dangerous countries. For this reason, it is expected that Great Britain and Germany will take similar steps after Azerbaijan."
Speaking to Ednews, Azerbaijani political expert Sadreddin Soltan said these words in his comments to Ednews.
The expert said that in light of what happened at the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran, other countries have significantly strengthened their precautionary measures. According to him, this process can go in two directions.
"It is possible that some countries will completely stop the activity of their embassies, or partially lower diplomatic relations", S. Soltan emphasized.
The political expert also touched upon the mysterious moments related to the sudden rocket attack on the military unit in Isfahan yesterday. He said that in addition to Iran, the Israeli media also spread different versions of what happened. According to Sadreddin Soltan, it is not an exceptional case that this incident was committed by Iran itself.
"Iran can sometimes organize such terrorist acts against its citizens, especially famous people, scientists and political figures. The regime commits this against the opposing parties and then tries to blame the crime on other countries. The fact that Iran itself committed the incident in Isfahan is consistent with some claims, and it seems that after some time Iran will be able to put forward any excuse regarding the alleged loss of its citizens as a result of the strike.
By Elnur Enveroglu

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