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26 February, Wednesday

What has happened in the World within a week? - International Expert - EXCLUSIVE

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A number of political events happened within a week. Eurasia Diary chooses the most interesting and attractive topics for its readers to elucidate them with the help of the international expert. The U.S – Chinese trade war, the referendum in Macedonia and the meeting of Russian and Turkish presidents in Sochi on the Syrian issue are on the agenda.

Recently Russian and Turkish leaders in the face of President Putin and President Erdogan met in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi. The meeting lasted approximately 4-5 hours where they touched upon such topics as the economy, trade, culture and the most important - Idlib issue.  Syrian issue is unconditionally the most spoken issue across the world and a lot of policy makers from a number of states are interested in solving this problem protracted for 7 years. Parties are putting significant efforts to bring an end to this conflict which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

Eurasia Diary asked expert and political analyst Peter Tase to comment the latest situation in Idlib and to answer the question, how the concession achieved between Turkey and Russia over Syrian crisis will affect the U.S –Turkish relations?

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Peter Tase - political analyst

Peter Tase, an American journalist, expert on political and international relations at the University of Chicago said the following words: "While observing the diplomatic history of bilateral relations between Turkey and Russia, in the last two centuries a series of disagreements have occurred.  Therefore, I believe that today we have a strong Turkish Army and Turkish economy; as a result, Ankara is becoming a serious geostrategic challenger of Russia's interests in the Middle East and the Caucasus Region.  Defending its territorial sovereignty is an inalienable right of Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan embodies the values of a great statesman focused in pursuing all tools of statecraft.  On the other hand, Moscow has a different set of interests and is facing sanctions that are deeply affecting its national economy and production economy.  Despite various tactical disagreements, between Washington and Ankara exist a strategic cooperation that dates back in the Korean War (1950-1953), where Turkish Forces fought side by side against North Korean Forces. Today Turkey enjoys a multifaceted cooperation tradition that contributes to the growth of transatlantic trade and industrial partnerships".

He also added: ”With this meeting, the Republic of Turkey is becoming a major geopolitical actor and an advocate of global peace. In this context Ankara has acquired a special place in the concert of nations, President Erdogan´s Government has made Turkey a country with a solid economy, dynamic trade policy and a diversified heavy and food industries as well as established a robust Armed Forces that ensure high professional standards in NATO and beyond. Idlib region must be under the full control of Turkish Forces in order to reduce violence and avoid loss of innocent lives.  Reaching a compromise with Russia is difficult and Ankara´s close ties with Washington will affect these conversations to the benefit of President Erdogan”.

Recently, Donald Trump asserted that starting from 24th of September the 10 % customs duties on 200$ billion worth Chinese imports to the USA will come into effect. This number will increase from 10% to 25% in January. Peter Tase also commented on this issue and shared his thoughts about the possible rupture of all American-Chinese ties.

Peter Tase noted: “President Donald Trump has taken the right course of action with respect to customs duties on Chinese imports. The US Government has finally taken serious measures towards reducing the economic and commercial harm inflicted by the Chinese products into US Markets.  The White House has conducted various studies that show China´s role in ruining the United States Economy and undermining employment policies, opportunities, and free trade principles”.

Картинки по запросу us china trade war

Moreover, one of the most luring topics in European continent along with Brexit is the referendum in Macedonia over the rename of the country as the "Republic of North Macedonia”. Positive results of the referendum will pave the way for "Republic of North Macedonia” to join NATO and EU as well. Recently, the U.S Defense Secretary Jim Mattis noted that Russia is meddling with the referendum in Macedonia over possible rename of the country into the “North Macedonia Republic”. However, it should be admitted, the referendum will decide the fate of Macedonia whether to join EU and NATO or no.

Regarding this historical event for all Macedonia, Balkans and even for the whole of Europe, Peter Tase commented on this situation. He said: “The situation in Macedonia is complicated, challenging and Moscow has been pouring large amounts of money towards destabilizing this Balkan country.  The people of Macedonia must vote in favor of the name change (Republic of North Macedonia) if they want their nation to be fully integrated into the European Union and NATO. Russia´s meddling into Skopie’s current referendum is a terrible mistake that reminds us the old days of the Soviet Union, when Stalin and Khrushchev were discriminating and impoverishing the fifteen Soviet Republics (among them Azerbaijan SSR and its people succumbed into poverty and their labor rights were constantly violated) and conducting intelligence and military training activities in the Balkans during the Cold War. It is clear that Macedonia will choose the path of peace prosperity and very soon will be a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and European Union”. 


Interviewed by Akber Bayramov

Correspondent of Eurasia Diary

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