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21 June, Friday

'Sudanese people liberated themselves, they deserve freedom' - Hugh Miles

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Sudan is facing one of the main moment of its history. The civil unrest led the revolution and overthrown of the dictatorship. The 30 years dictatorship under the rule of Omar al-Bashir was removed by a military coup. 

Still the process is continuing. Editor of Arab Digest, award-winning journalist, the expert on the Middle East, Hugh Miles talked to Eurasia Diary.

Miles evaluates the revolution in Sudan as a historic opportunity to shake off the dictatorship and establish a free and democratic Sudan. The expert thinks that the revolution is not unexpected taking into consideration of the event of overthrowing dictators in the region started since 2011.

"People need a revolution as they have suffered under the brutal and kleptocratic regime of President Bashir the indicted war criminal for far too long. They seek and deserve freedom and prosperity just like people everywhere," Hugh Miles thinks.

Sudan is a large country at the intersection of the Arab world and the expert doesn't deny the expanding of influence on other countries in the region.

"Given that the ingredients that gave rise to the Sudanese revolution exist in so many other secretive and corrupt absolute dictatorships in the region the fall of more dictatorships seem inevitable. The only question is when."

Hugh Miles thinks that the revolution broke out by not the hand of the third power. But, their influence on the process is not unavoidable.

"The great Sudanese people have liberated themselves in a popular revolution as oppressed people have done throughout history. As long as they remain united no one can stop or control them. No outside power helped emancipate them, but many countries in the region who fear a similar situation at home will now try and control or derail their transition to democracy since a democratic Sudan will naturally oppose them and make them look even more politically retarded than they already do," Hugh Miles concluded his opinion.


Hugh Miles is an award-winning freelance journalist and author, a presenter, producer and consultant specialising in the Middle East. 

He was born in Jedda, Saudi Arabia in 1977. Miles was educated in Libya, at the Dragon School, Oxford, and at Eton. He studied Arabic at Pembroke College, Oxford University, and English Literature at Trinity College, Dublin. During a one-year student exchange programme with the Sorbonne University in Paris, Miles worked as the Nightlife Editor for Time Out Paris, also reviewing restaurants and shops. His work included sampling every crêpe house in Paris.

Hugh Miles is the author of two books: "Al Jazeera: How Arab TV News Challenged the World", "Playing Cards in Cairo"


Ulvi Ahmedli

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