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22 May, Wednesday

'All decisions are made in Moscow, US just want to interfere' - Political expert analyzes US initiation

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Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov announced US invitation of meeting with his Armenian counterpart. Right after Russian initiation US invitation grab our attention. Eurasia Diary took the opinion of Azerbaijani political analyst Ilgar Valizade.

Ilgar Valizade analyzed the US position on Karabakh negotiation process.

"The better way to analyze US position on Karabakh is to look through statements of ambassadors. US current ambassador to Azerbaijan made statements about the return of lands to Azerbaijan previously and solution of Karabakh problem step by step."

Former ambassador of US to Armenia Richard Mills said that "I can't understand why this topic on the discussion in Armenia. The reality is that any settlement of the Karabakh conflict is going to require the return of some portion “of the occupied territories.”

We could observe US passive participation in the negotiation process, It could be seen after Matthew Bryza excluding Warlick's twitter diplomacy. All of this indicates the US's position unchanged.

The expert thinks that the US activities in North Africa and the Middle East can't acquit the US on its passiveness on Karabakh talks, because the US is the co-chair of OSCE Minsk Group. If they are not interested in Karabakh, so they dismiss from the Minsk Group.

In open diplomacy, organizing meetings of Foreign Ministers is one of the main indicators of activeness, mainly Russia is active in here, France can also be considered an interesting side.

Ilgar Valizade sees Armenian lobby is another factor and undeniable one. "Lobby urges the US no to execute statements. We have seen how lobby works when the US decides to select ambassadors to Azerbaijan. We have seen this in the selection of Matthew Bryza," the expert said.

"First of all, US decision to organize meeting is a late move. After the Moscow meeting where certain measures were adopted, the US's initiative is very late."

The political analyst thinks that all the decisions were made in Moscow, it means the implementation of humanitarian activities including formation of civil societies, organization of people to people contacts and etc. will be under the control of Russia.

"Let's imagine an apartment is going to be built, and the fundament is constructed and it is constructed by Russia, US also wants to show itself and proof they also participate."

"There is a systematic format with Russia, US just wants to interfere. I don't expect the serious results from the Washington meeting. The US is understood as an alternative to Russia and a choice for balancing in the views of Azerbaijan and Armenia," Ilgar Valizade concluded his opinion.


Ulvi Ahmedli


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