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21 May, Tuesday

Azerbaijan discusses the emergence of Zelenskiy - Political experts analyze the situation

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According to the results of the exit polls, Vladimir Zelenskiy won in the presidential elections of Ukraine. The official confirmation of its victory is far beyond, but in the world, Zelenskiy is already recognized as a factual leader. The main political news of the region is actively discussed in Azerbaijan and Russia.
“For the first time in Ukraine, the president is not a partocrat and not an oligarch, but a man from common people. Who can say that people do not decide anything, after such a triumph of the people? I really hope that there will be positive changes for the better, cardinal reforms will occur and Ukraine will take a worthy place in Europe,” the activist of the United Congress of Azerbaijanis of Ukraine Farid Jamal wrote in his Facebook page.
The former officer of the AzSSR KGB, Akif Hasanov, explains Zelenskiy’s victory by the fatigue of Ukrainians from the same people who constantly appealing to the political Olympus. Practically each of the previous leaders rules the country not honestly but quite specific crimes against the people, the smallest of which is corruption. Those who are mired in lies, bribery, crimes against specific individuals, with their repeated vows of future preferences to the people, they didn’t particularly change their way of life.
“Zelenskiy may also stumble on this promising great personal preference for the post, but he will shake up this swamp. He simply has no other way out, as a result, new faces will appear, and the old elite will rest since these young people will fight for their seats and are unlikely to just give them up. There will be a serious redistribution of property and there is a chance that something will fall out of this wallet to the people. In any case, there will be an update," he considers.
A. Hasanov does not exclude that the new president will decide to return the former head of the Odessa region M. Saakashvili, who has already expressed a desire to reappear in Ukraine, from where Poroshenko set him up.
Azerbaijani political analyst Elkhan Shahinoglu thinks that Poroshenko made everything like a real Western democratic leader, he came to the debate with Zelenskiy, and finally, he congratulated his rival for victory and wished him success as a democratic leader.
He also considers that money stands behind in this clash. It is a rivalry of two oligarchs Poroshenko versus Kolomoyski. Elkhan Shahinoglu noted that Zelenskiy was supported by Kolomoyski.
When Poroshenko took the power, he started to fight against his main rival Kolomoyski. Privatbank of Kolomoyski was accused of fraud and illegality. However, Kolomoyski did not give up this issue. He raised issues with local and international courts.
The courts which were against Kolomoyski changed their position in favor of him after the victory of Zelenskiy. Zelenskiy’s program for the Crimea and Donbass is not clear. Zelenskiy does not accept the occupation of these lands and does not want to continue the war with Russia. He may not continue the sharp anti-Russian policy of the predecessor.
Zelenskiy is not a politician, the lack of political experience can play a cruel joke with him and Ukraine, which is in the sphere of Russia's interests, which undoubtedly is preparing now for parliamentary elections in Ukraine scheduled for October 27, 2019, ”Shainoglu concluded.

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