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23 October, Wednesday

Small problems can cause big troubles - Georgian and Azerbaijani specialists comment on border problem

Political analysts, Ilgar Valizade and Gela Vasadze explain the border problem in Keshikchidag or David Gareji monastery between Azerbaijan and Georgia.

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The discussions over Keshikchidag or David Gareji monastery between Azerbaijan and Georgia have started since 23 April. The borders between the two countries were delimited 66% and 34% not specified.

Georgian officials made statements about the solution of the border problem. Georgian FM David Zalkaliani and Georgian PM Mamuka Bakhtadze hoped the solution by the consent with Azerbaijan.

Eurasia Diary asked from Azerbaijani and Georgian political analyst for understanding the problem.

Azerbaijani political analyst Ilgar Valizade stated that there is no real problem between both parties.

"The diplomatic problem would arise when one of both parties makes a territorial claim. But there is no territorial claim. Both sides just work on the delimitation of the borderline within the mutual consent."

Ilgar Valizade thinks that some parties and politicians especially in Georgia attempt to use the situation for the growth of their ratings. "They gather to the border area so-called "conflicted zone" and makes populist statements for attracting people. By both Azerbaijani and Georgian public figures should be aware of the content and shouldn't incite the problem. Otherwise, it will be harmful to the two states and the people."

The commission works on the delimitation of the borders and it has already held 11 meetings. Chief of the State Border Service of Azerbaijan Colonel General Elchin Guliyev also held an efficient meeting with his Georgian counterpart in the past few days. This meeting once again showed that there is no dissatisfaction and no problem. Simply there are some technical issues and the parties work for their solution.

"It has seen that some parties try to attempt to provoke the situation, the problem should be solved within the decision of delimitation commission" Ilgar Valizade concluded his opinion.


Eurasia Diary also asked about the opinion of Georgian political analyst Gela Vasadze. "During the special events, it is normal to increase security along the borders. Azerbaijan held Formula-1 competition and this date coincided with Christian Easter. Here is the motive for sides which try to provoke," Gela Vasadze explained the reason of occurrence.

Georgian specialist thinks that the problem has caused the damage to the relations of Azerbaijan and Georgia somehow. "Both countries have long-time collaboration. We shouldn't neglect the human factor that sharing in social media have an impact on people. It is very easy to destroy, but recovering takes hard efforts."

"The problem has not yet been resolved because our countries thought that it is a small problem and it could be delayed for some time. Life shows that it is impossible. There is no difference between the size of the problem between states. Ostrich pose is not a solution way."

Vasadze doesn't perceive the occasion as a conflict, but a problem. "Personally, I think that the most attractive solution is the creation of a common historical and cultural reserve, which will bring people together and attract pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. It’s time for us to learn how to turn cons into advantages, and this can be a model for solving all controversial issues in the Caucasus," Gela Vasadze explained the solution way.


Ulvi Ahmedli

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