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11 August, Tuesday

Erdogan kills two birds with a stone during a meeting with Trump - Turkish political expert

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Launch of Operation Peace Spring has been reacted negatively by many countries.

The US was at the head of these states. US was ready to impose sanctions on Turkey, especially Senator Lindsey Graham was pressing US President Donald Trump to react with a strong response to Turkey.

The US unwilling to lose a main strategic partner in the region as Turkey invited Turkey's President Recep Tayyib Erdogan to White House on 13 November. The two leaders, who discussed several important issues such as the so-called Armenian genocide, "S400 and F35", took important steps to boost relations.

On the eve of the visit of President Erdogan, the US government, which vetoed the "so-called Armenian genocide bill", took important steps to improve relations. Both leaders gave positive messages after the meeting and stated that important steps have been taken to improve relations of the alliance.

Turkish political expert evaluated the Turkish-US relations exclusively for Eurasia Diary.


- Is there any reason behind the intitiative by Trump that welcomed President Erdogan so warmly after the occasions?

- President Erdogan described his visit to America as a "painful period".

“I look forward to seeing President Erdoğan next Wednesday at the White House on November 13,” Trump said on his Twitter account.

President Erdogan was like a "water float" for Trump. Trump is now facing a second dismissal.

There's incredible pressure from the Senate, the press, businessmen, the Jewish lobby. Trump failed to persuade Turkey's views on senators. That is why he urged a face-to-face meeting between senators and President Erdogan.

After the meeting, we understand that President Erdogan convinced the senators with the evidence and videos he presented.

In this respect, President Erdogan could kill two birds with a stone. He also eased intense pressure on Trump and also gained an incredible positive momentum mutually beneficial for both sides while Turkey-US relations came to a deadlock.

Trump gained power while Erdogan's warm messages and curtailing anti-Turk propoganda at the Senate.


- Could it be for Turkey to remain between selection of F-35 and S-400 or become the only state having both? Could close relations with US damages Turkish-Russian relations?

- I am going to stand by my words. Turkey will use S-400 and to acquire F-35 in the scheduled time.

Even in this context, Turkey's will has achieved during Trump-Erdogan meeting. It means a technical board was installed. Obviously a parallel will be determined, S-400 will not be operated to the south of this parallel. Thus, Israel will be freed from the 600 km radius of the S-400. That is the purpose of the United States. In return of this, F-35 will be delivered on time.

- What is the reason behind the instant blocking the so-called "Armenian genocide" by US Senate? What Turkey has given for achieving what it wanted?

- First of all, I wanted to note that some senators are more influential in US politics than the president.

These senators are the richest businessmen in the United States or Neocon / Evangelical clergy (such as Pence, Senator Graham and Senator Jeffrey who met with President Erdogan). They have a significant influence on Trump. Now, coming to your question, during face to face meeting President Erdogan managed to convince those senators who Trump is incapable to them. Foreign politics is not like trade. There is no "take and give" thing. Mutual state interests are prioritized.

As a result, the so-called Armenian bill and the CAATSA embargo were lifted.

With the release of agent Brunson, President Erdogan has paved the way for Trump's next year election.

In addition, with the 120-hour agreement in the operation of the Spring of Peace, President Erdoğan took away the pressure of the senators on Trump.

I can add another thing to it; MIT has a sound recording which Trump's son-in-law Kushner ordered the death of Khashoggi. If Turkey had brought it to the United Nations and shared in the international press, Trump would fall into a very difficult situation.

When we take all these into consideration, I gave tips of  Trump's incredible support to Turkey.

- As you know, Turkish and Russian militaries had a joint patrol in Syria. How do the relations with the US affect the Safe Zone map, the goal of the Peace Spring?

- There were US soldiers and bases between Ras Al-Ayn and Tel Abyad.

The United States withdrew from there and Trump had already declared that it should be discussed with Russia because there were Russian forces in the rest.


Interviewed by Dayanat Hasanov

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