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19 July, Friday

The accident on the Formula due to the drain hatch - common problem of F1

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A Formula One practice session at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was abandoned Friday after George Russell of Williams drove over a dislodged manhole cover, damaging his car and causing debris to scatter dramatically across the track.

Today’s incident on the Formula-1 of Baku, during which the car flew into the drain cover and was evacuated, and the tow truck collided with a pedestrian crossing, is not the first of the “hatch” series in the history of these races.

At the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix races, Rosberg’s car crashed into a broken iron hatch on the road.


In 2010, the driver Rubens Barrichello at the Monaco Grand Prix drove onto the hatch cover, which suddenly broke off and hit him in the back of the car and on the left wheel. Car skidded, dragged into the barriers and spun several times.

In China, in 2005, Juan-Pablo Montoya at the Formula-1 Grand Prix hit the drain system hatch. However, the Colombian was able to continue the race, even despite the puncture of the wheel, damage to the radiator and pontoons.

Racer Bernd Maylander on show rides in Shanghai in 2004 tore off a piece of an asphalt manhole cover with a bolide. One of the victims was the pilot of the safety car in the "F-1" Bernd Maylender. 


Jesús Pareia at the stage of the world championship among sports cars in Montreal, 1990, ran into the lid of the drainage system, which the front car lifted into the air. 

Romain Grosjean, at the 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix, ran and broke the drainage system cover. The Finnish Mercedes was not injured, but Grosjean, who followed him, caught a piece of grid on the rear right wheel.

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