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21 September, Monday

37 people detained in Georgian rally

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The Interior Ministry has detained 18 people at the rally outside the Georgian parliament building, Eurasia Diary reports cititng Report News Agency.

The MIA released a statement on the dispersal of the rally, explaining that as a result of measures taken by special forces, the entrances to the legislative body had been cleared of artificially created barriers so that it can continue its activities without interruption, Eurasia Diary reports citing Georgia Today.

"Cleaning works are underway on the streets adjacent to the Rustaveli Avenue and traffic flow is being restored.

"Units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs remain on Rustaveli Avenue in order to protect public safety and law.

"Police urge all citizens to obey the requirements of the law. The Ministry of Internal Affairs will respond appropriately to each fact of the offense and all violations will be followed by appropriate measures by the police,” the statement reads.

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