The newest S-500 missile system will undermine the authority of the US THAAD - VIDEO -

4 June,

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The newest S-500 missile system will undermine the authority of the US THAAD - VIDEO

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The US missile defense complex (ABM) THAAD has long been considered one of the best in the world, but the emergence of the S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile systems will undermine the authority of American systems, reports citing Bulgarian Military News.

The author of the material notes that THAAD is aimed at detecting and protecting against ballistic missiles and can fire at enemy aircraft.

The complex is equipped with 10 missiles with warheads capable of reaching a target at a distance of 500 m in 2.5 seconds. The on-board search and tracking system is represented by AN / TPY-2 radars of two models, one of which is responsible for the search for ballistic missiles during ascent, and the second carries out guidance.

“All indicators speak of the amazing power of the THAAD complex, but the S-500 belongs to a new generation of aerospace defense systems … The newest complexes that Russia will receive by the end of this year will undermine the authority of THAAD,”

It is noted that “Prometheus” will be able to destroy hypersonic weapons in near-earth space, as well as low-orbit satellites and space weapons.

In addition, Russian experts point out that the S-500’s range is 50% farther than that of the S-400. All this makes the S-500 more powerful than the American THAAD, the author believes.

In his opinion, while Washington was focused on hindering the development of its opponents in the hope of maintaining a dominant position in the world, he missed the moment when the United States began to decline. And now, despite the sanctions, Russia has overtaken and surpassed American missile defense systems.

German military experts see no competition for the S-500

The Russian anti-aircraft missile system S-500 “Prometheus” is ahead of its western counterparts by 15-20 years, writes the German publication Focus on July 9.

“Invisible aircraft will also be an easy target for the latest complex,” the article says. The publication quotes the commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force, who said that Prometheus will be the first generation of space defense systems.

“The range of the complex is 600 kilometers, which suggests that it can even be used to protect against meteorites and other celestial bodies,” Focus said.

In addition, the publication cites the words of the director of the Center for the Analysis of World Trade in Arms, Igor Korotchenko, that Prometheus can destroy any target in near space and atmosphere, and at the same time it is quickly transferred to any direction.

The S-500 Prometheus (Triumfator-M development center) belongs to the new generation of ground-to-air anti-aircraft missile systems, and is a universal complex of long-range and high-altitude interception with increased missile defense potential. A promising system is capable of destroying not only ballistic, but also aerodynamic targets (planes, helicopters), as well as cruise missiles.

According to RIA Novosti in May, Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko, the first S-500 systems may appear in service with the Russian army next year.

It became known what the S-500 “Prometheus” air defense system is capable of.

S-500 “Prometheus” anti-aircraft missile systems can be attributed to the first generation of anti-space defense systems, Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin, Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Forces, told the Red Star.

He noted that the S-500 applies the principle of separately solving the tasks of destroying ballistic and aerodynamic targets, their task is to destroy medium-range ballistic missiles, and, if necessary, warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles in the final section of their flight path.

“According to its tactical and technical characteristics, the S-500 can be attributed to the first generation of anti-space defense systems, since in the future it will be able to destroy low-orbit satellites and space weapons,” said Sergey Surovikin.

He noted that the characteristics laid down in the S-500 make it possible to destroy hypersonic weapons of all modifications, including in near space.

“It is safe to say that analogues of this system simply do not exist,” said the Colonel General.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that the S-500 infects hypersonic weapons in space. And from the short audio clip below, you will find out why the S-300 and S-500 air defense systems cause fear in NATO.

Russian S-500 missile systems will be able to destroy hypersonic and space targets

Based on the characteristics of the S-500, it will be used as an element of mobile strategic missile defense, Igor Korotchenko, director of the Center for the Analysis of World Arms Trade said on July 3.

So he commented on the words of the commander of the Russian Air Force Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin that the S-500 Prometheus could destroy hypersonic weapons in space.

“The S-500 can destroy virtually all existing and promising aerial targets in near space and in the atmosphere, therefore it can solve strategic missile defense issues. In addition, it is a mobile system, which means it can be quickly deployed to any threatened area,” – explained Korotchenko.

The expert said that the exact characteristics of the S-500 are classified today, but it is known that it is “omnivorous.”

“The S-500 is capable of detecting, tracking as targets traditional for such systems – aircraft of all types, tactical and operational-tactical missiles, ballistic missiles, as well as drones and promising hypersonic missiles. The system operates in a wide range: in the atmosphere and near space, on heights of the order of 270-300 kilometers,” said Korotchenko.

According to him, the S-500 is a fully automated system, “combat work, target detection and tracking, missile selection for use is carried out, in fact, without the participation of the operator, his task is only to confirm the launch.”

Competitors of similar systems may appear no earlier than in 15-20 years, until that time in the West they will not be able to create such technologies, predicts Korotchenko. “The development of analogues of the S-500 is in the initial stage, and we, in fact, have begun the stage of field tests.”

The Ministry of Defense stated that the first S-500 set could be transferred to the troops in 2021, then, after several years, mass production will be launched. For this, Almaz-Antey [producer] put into operation three new sites in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Kirov, Korotchenko added.

One of the competitors of the S-500, according to the expert, is the American mobile anti-ballistic missile complex THAAD, “but its capabilities are limited only by the atmospheric interception of medium-range missiles, while the S-500 is a multifunctional system.”

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