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25 October,

Turkey criticizes Bahraini deal with Israel

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Turkey’s Foreign Ministry criticized the announcement of a Bahraini deal with Israel to normalize relations Friday, with Ankara stating concerns and a strong condemnation of the decision, Eurasia Diary reports citing Anadolu Agency.

The foreign ministry said the deal was contrary to commitments under the Arab Peace Initiative, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and that it would deal another blow to efforts to defend the Palestinian cause.

It said the deal would further encourage Israel to continue its illegitimate practices against Palestine and its attempts to make the occupation of the Palestinian land permanent.

“Lasting peace and stability in the Middle East can only be achieved through just and comprehensive settlement of the Palestinian issue in accordance with international law and UN resolutions. Irresponsible concessions made on the basis of narrowly-defined interests and upon pressure and coercion from external actors cannot erase or substitute this reality,” it said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed US President Donald Trump's announcement of the deal.

The agreement comes one month after a similar deal was announced between Tel Aviv and the United Arab Emirates.

Bahrain is the fourth Arab nation to have diplomatic relations with Israel, after Egypt in 1979, Jordan in 1994 and the United Arab Emirates in August.

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