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27 November, Friday

IEPF calls for release of arrested Al Jazeera journalist - VIDEO

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The press is the main source of information for society. The press works to inform society in all directions and in the most difficult conditions. Unfortunately, sometimes they become target of certain interest groups. As a result, journalism enters one of the most dangerous professions. Journalists face harassment, arrest, and sometimes murder for their work.

One of the journalists suffering in this regard is the representative of the Al Jazeera media network, news producer Mohammad Hussein. He is currently being detained by Egypt on various charges without verdict and court decision.  The move against Hussein violates international law and even Egyptian law. Mohammad Hussein has been in prison for 1,400 days.

He was arrested when he came to Egypt to visit his family. The Egyptian government has accused Mohammed Hussein of creating chaos by spreading false information against government agencies. The Egyptian press described him as a terrorist and an enemy of the state. Hussein, who was arrested on December 23, 2016, has been in prison for more than 1,400 days.

The International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) has always defended the safety of journalists and taken a stand against the illegalities they face. When the Al Jazeera representative was arrested, the IEPF, by using its platform, reacted adequately to the unfortunate situation. Thus, the analytical information portal Eurasia Diary, created at the initiative of the IEPF, published a number of informative articles on the illegal arrest of Mohammad Hussein and conveyed the situation to its readers.

This move should not be just considered as an illegal act against a journalist, it is a step that casts a shadow over the international press in general. All the countries in the world and the relevant institutions must show solidarity in this matter and achieve the release of Mohammad Hussein from prison and his return to work and family.

The IEPF condemns the arrest, which is contrary to international law, and hopes that the relevant state bodies of the Egyptian government will make a fair decision.

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