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26 November, Thursday

"I can no longer see France, which shines in all its glory" - A moral lesson from a French Muslim woman to Macron

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After being captured in Mali, Sophie Petronin, a French woman who was influenced by Muslim morality and then converted to Islam, wrote a letter to President Emmanuel Macron giving a full moral lesson.

Eurasia Dairy presents the letter which has been addressed to Macron:

Mr. Macron

Greetings to those who follow the right path...

I, Sophia Petronin, a French, Christian, and Catholic white woman, have shocked you by realizing that after living as a Christian for 75 years, I have lived as a slave among Muslims for the last four years and have chosen Islam.

Mr. Macron

Yes, I was a hostage of Muslims in Mali, a poor country in Africa, but they never treated me badly and ugly, and they were even very respectful. Despite the scarcity of resources, they asked me what I liked about eating and drinking, and they always tried to provide. They respected my privacy and never violated this issue.

I would like you to know that none of them hurt me verbally or physically. On the other hand, they did neither said anything against the Jesus Christ (The Prophet Isa) nor the Holy Mary, in other words, they didn’t treat the way you did against the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh).

They never tried to convert me to Islam, but I saw in their morals, their simple way of life, their honesty, and their mercy what Islam was like.

Despite the small amount of water, they were careful to keep themselves clean, to appear before God (Allah) five times a day, to fast during the month of Ramadan despite their empty stomachs, to obey the commands of their religion, and to follow the commands of their religion ethically without darkening their souls.

Mr. Macron

Muslims living in Mali are very poor, and the country they live in is poor too. They do not have towers like the Eiffel Tower, museums like the Louvre, palaces like Versailles and the Elysee, and they do not even know the smell of those famous French perfumes, but they have pure bodies, soft hearts and bright spirits.

Yes, they may not have beautiful restaurants, luxury cars, high-rise skyscrapers, or dances to prove themselves, but they have higher aspirations than the clouds, stronger beliefs than the mountains, and souls striving for perfection.

Mr. Macron

Have you ever listened to the recitation of the Holy Quran? However, in all their prayers, they recite the Qur'an day and night and even their daily activities aside.

If you listened, you would understand how beautiful it is, you would see how your body trembles, even if you don't understand its meaning you would feel how your soul is captivated by that harmony, how it works inside a person. They even memorize all these divine words! Then you will inevitably realize that these words do not belong to man, that they are higher than the worlds, and that they are given to us as a gift from heaven. Then you become curious and want to learn the meaning. Finally, you realize that there is no more appealing expression than that.

Mr. Macron

Have you ever bowed down to the Merciful God with your forehead on the ground? Did you consult with Him about the difficulties you were experiencing, the solution of unresolved issues, and did you share your hopes with Him? Have you ever thanked Him for the blessings He has granted us?

Have you ever felt close to God? Did you realize that you were there for Him and that He was with you? What all I said here I what all those Muslims live there but living a very simple life in poverty; now, see their wealth and the poverty they live in.

Mr. Macron

Their women are as black as coal, and their hearts are whiter than milk. Although they wear very simple and loose clothes, they are considered very kind and beautiful by their spouses. They never sit with strangers, do not let strangers into their homes when they do not have companions, and do not turn their innocence into a victim of sin, gossip, and imperfection.

They do not drink, they do not gamble, they do not commit adultery, they do not know what homosexuality is, and they do not abandon their companions because of their dogs.

Mr. Macron

Muslims in this region respect all the divine prophets, Jesus Christ and Mother Mary more than we do. I changed my name to Mary because of my love and affection for my mother Mary. They do not even see Mary apart from Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet of Islam, and His souse Khadija.

Mr. Macron

If you ask them if they respect and sanctify Jesus Christ more than we do; I want to answer you as follows: Yes, they do love the Prophet Jesus more than we do. We shed the blood of many innocent poor people in the name of Christ, even though He protected Himself from all this. We then enslaved them, plundered all their treasures underground and on earth, and destroyed their present and future, the deeds that the Prophet Jesus had banned to the people.

We fought them with inhuman colonies, with our unjust education, and seized the wealth of Muslim countries. Although we may have projects that could ensure their development, we continued to use them as slaves, to stir up strife and sell deadly weapons, and then call them terrorists, although not they but we were the real terrorists.

However, they preferred to approach the hostages with the morality of the Jesus, which is written in the Bible, taught in the churches, and unparalleled in the world today, unlike ours.

Mr. Macron

Finally ... I did not want to declare my conversion to Islam in my dear land of Mali. Because you would claim that they forced me to convert to Islam. Therefore, I waited for the day when I would be free, and I waited for now to shout to millions of French people in my country, France, and Europe, the continent where I live that I am a Muslim.

Mr. Macron

So, I have embraced Islam, against what you work day and night, resort to assassinations and tricks, attack thousands of territories with international organisations and intelligence agencies, seize and destroy their lands from the Euphrates to the Nile, and finally claim the that religion to be the source of terrorism. But I would like to tell you that Islam has created in my heart a peace and mercy that I could not even imagine, cleansed my mind of all evil thoughts and allowed me to live my feelings.

I can no longer see France, which shines in all its glory, but Mali, which is poor and humble, and which has suffered a thousand pains for oppressions you have committed. It is very precious to me. So despite the poverty in there, I decided to return to that very fertile land.

But I will make this conversion after telling my family and friends in France, my homeland and the people of Europe whose future I worry about, about the sacred religion of Islam. My hope is that my people would be saved as soon as possible, and they would also taste that indescribable service that I have enjoyed. I want to explain to them the blessed promise of a savior promised by all religions.

Mr. Macron

I also invite you to this religion of glory, the religion of Islam, which was passed down from Adam to Noah, from Abraham to Moses, and even to Jesus Christ and ultimately to Muhammad. My hope is that the merciful sun of Islam will shine on this terrible planet that has sunk into darkness. This kind of peace is everywhere. Of course, this is not a difficult thing for God Almighty. I trusted in God and my conversion is definitely in Him.

Peace be upon those who follow the right path.

Reborn in the shadow of Islam

Maryam Petronin

Translated by Elnur Enveroglu


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