Khachikyan: Russia will give the Caucasus to Turkiye -

27 March, Monday

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Khachikyan: Russia will give the Caucasus to Turkiye

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Russia may be forced to withdraw from the South Caucasus. Of course, Moscow wants to stay here. But is it possible for the Kremlin to leave? Why not? Look what is happening in Ukraine. We are moving very quickly towards a major world war with the possibility of nuclear escalation.
Ednews reports that Artur Khachikyan, doctor of political sciences at Stanford University, said this.
He said that Russia will deal with Ukraine more than the Caucasus.
"In our region, the Americans and the British intend to create a conflict in order to draw Russia into a war against Turkey and thereby close the doors of Ankara to Moscow. Russia will not go for it. If the situation develops in this way, then I think that the Kremlin will leave our region and then we will be defenseless. What is happening in Ukraine is now more important for Russia."

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