EU will not impose sanctions on Central Asian countries because it bypasses sanctions against Russia

"The European Union (EU) has promised not to impose sanctions on the Central Asian countries for circumventing the restrictions on the Russian Federation," said the President of the European Council Charles Michel at a press conference after the second EU-Central Asia summit held in Kyrgyzstan, Ednews reports.
"We have already taken a number of steps against those who support the Russian war machine, we have approved the 10th package of sanctions, and now we are discussing the 11th package of sanctions to reduce the risk of sanctions evasion. However, I want to make it clear that we will not take any extraterritorial measures, we don't impose sanctions, that's especially important. We want to work with all of our partners only through dialogue. We've already appointed David O'Sullivan, the special envoy for sanctions, to meet with all the countries in the region to convince our partners not to help Russia and he had the opportunity to discuss all issues related to sanctions with them. Our special representative also listens to the other parties and hears their opinions about the consequences of our sanctions," said Michel.