UN court says Rwandan genocide suspect unfit for trial

A UN court based in the Hague said Felicien Kabuga was unfit for trial, and called for an alternative legal procedure that does not involve conviction. He was arrested in Paris in 2020.
Ednews reports via DW that the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals, based in The Hague, has declared that Rwandan genocide suspect, Felicien Kabuga, is unfit for trial. Judges at the UN court have instead called for an "alternative" legal procedure.
"Mr Felicien Kabuga is unfit to participate meaningfully in his trial and is very unlikely to regain fitness in the future," the judges said in a statement. The UN judges were looking to "adopt an alternative finding procedure that resembles a trial as closely as possible, but without the possibility of a conviction."
Kabuga is in his late 80s, although his exact age is disputed. The coffee and tea tycoon is one of the few remaining Rwandan genocide suspects awaiting justice, as 62 individuals have already been convicted by the tribunal.