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26 August, Monday

They changed the fate of the Karabakh war ... - History of the Armenian lobby in France - Eurasia Diary's Report

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The activation of the Armenian lobby in Europe recently, especially in France, has become one of the key issues. French President Emmanuel Macron addressed in front of Armenian lobby. He announced that 24 April will be marked as 'Armenian genocide day' in France. This once again revealed the strength and influence of the Armenian lobby in this country.

Eurasia Diary researched about the Armenian lobby and prepared a report. We are presenting the report for readers:

At present, 500-600 thousand Armenians live in France. This is the most populous European country where Armenians live compactly. However, other minorities also lives in France but the Armenian lobby is the strongest third lobby in the country due to its impact. The first two places are shared by American and Russian lobby groups.

In the 19th century, very few Armenians lived in France. These Armenians were those who emigrated from Russia, the Ottoman Empire, or Iran. In the first time, Armenian-language newspapers in France and schools started to operate in France in 1855.

The exact date of the settlement of Armenians in France is unknown. However, according to many sources, the main migration of Armenians to France started after the 1915 events in the Ottoman Empire, after the Armenian revolt and subsequent Armenian deportations.

The first lobby groups are made by Armenians who were hostile to Turks. During that time France was in war against Ottoman Empire. This feature impacted to the acceptance of Armenians and supporting their lobby. That is, the historical necessity and the anti-Turkish position have united both nations.

Thus, the Armenian lobby in France was formed between 1915 and 1925. Even though Armenians in France had a certain degree of state support, the Armenians were not so strong at that time. The formation of a nationalist wave in France had created a serious problem for all other ethnic groups, including Armenians. The factor that saved Armenians from "second class citizenship" was the Second World War.

During World War II, France faces Germany's occupation and at that time the resistance movement and the guerrilla movement in France were formed. One of the leaders of this resistance movement was Missak Manouchian of Armenian origin. Manouchian's "heroism" in the war sets the foundation for Armenian sympathy in French.

After the Second World War, nationalist wave collapses in France as the worst blows of nationalism and fascism. This factor was in favour of most Armenians.

During the Cold War and afterwards, the Armenian lobby grew stronger, and their activity was intensified by the collapse of the USSR and the onset of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. ASALA, the Armenian terrorist organization who has killed Turkish diplomats in Europe in the 1980s for "revenge". It has long been engaged in terror acts and other radical methods against Azerbaijan and Turkey. In this activity, ASALA's main financial assistance and political support were still coming from the Armenian lobby and the Armenian "elite" in France.

Many Armenian terrorists fighting in Karabakh were financed by France. The various branches of ASALA and their activities in Karabakh in the late 1980s resulted in further aggravation of the situation in the region. The ARABO battalion particular with brutality against civilians in the Karabakh war was formed by the financial assistance from the Armenians in France. This battalion killed dozens of innocent Azerbaijanis until June 1992. Their involvement in the Garadaghli and Khojaly genocide was also revealed by several facts. Thus, the terrorists and money sent by the Armenian lobby in France changed the fate of the Karabakh war ...

It should be noted that the terrorist gang was completely destroyed during the operation of Hasangaya commanded by the Commander of Ganja Battalion Mehman Alekperov on December 29, 1992, with Terter territorial battalion.


To be continued...


Written by Nijat Ismayilov

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