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27 June, Thursday

NATO targets Black Sea

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Heads of Foreign Ministries of 29 member states of Nato had adopted a join declaration targeting Russia after the meeting of 70th anniversary of Organization.

By declaring Russia as ‘the main risk’, NATO has assigned the d Black Sea as a battleground in the next period.

So United States Department of State has explained that it would accept a "package of measures" against Russia in the Black Sea before the meeting of NATO’s anniversary.

Pompeo fronts

The following declaration of US Secretary of State, Mayk Pompeo, denotes what fronts he wants to focus on NATO: ‘Vladimir Putin has black ideas about imperialism. It is clear to see the occupation of Georgia and Ukraine, as well as the history of intervention in Syria and now Venezuela. He wants to break up our alliance and weaken our  desire to support our democracy.

However, it was USA interfered there in order to utilize Georgia and Ukraine against Russia. The declaration by US President Barack Obama on his role in the change of power in Ukraine says in its own words: ‘When power changed in Ukraine, Putin was in the deadlock situation because of holding protests in Maydan after our mediation.’ (interview (CNN)) February 3, 2015).

It is not Russia to interfere Syrian and Venezuela, but the USA. The USA has attacked this country because of Syrian’s distribution, extinguished the civil war; In Venezuela, for a time, they are trying to bring their candidates to power.

Russia has acted as a supporter of legitimate governments in Syria and Venezuela, opposed the US provocations against Ukraine and Georgia.

US and Russia strategic struggle

With the collapse of the Sovet Union, the United States, which wants to settle in the former Soviet republics has carried out attack strategy to Russia and its borders. For this, they have accepted the Baltic and Eastern European countries to NATO and the EU and have compressed Russia from the west. In the Middle East and the Caucasus, they struggle to deport Russia from the south.

As a result, the strategic war between the United States and Russia is about 30 years old. During the first 20 years, Russia stepped back and has been attacking the United States over the past decade and stopped the US. Putin's intervention in Georgia in 2008 was the beginning of a new era. Then the US intervention in Syria and Ukraine did not allow the Russian barrier to overcome completely.

Black Sea key – Turkey

It is really important for us that how Turkey will affect the US strategy targeting Russia to move the Black Sea in the future.

You know Turkey is a key of Black sea. Ankara has the power / position that not to allow to open the Black Sea, or to the contrary, to approach NATO. Bulgaria and Romania's accession to NATO and the EU, which had access to the Black Sea in 2004 and 2007, was an attempt to undermine this consensus.

On the other hand, the United States is trying to deprive the Black Sea countries of their "special" position by protesting the existing status-quo in the Black Sea. And first of all, it is necessary to cancel the Montre Convention and sign a new agreement. According to this agreement, the warships of non-Black Sea countries could stay in the Black Sea for no more than 21 days, with a total tonnage of not more than 45,000 tons.

NATO turn red light Black Sea.

Now, Turkey has been pushing for a green light on strengthen NATO's presence in the Black Sea, including its pressure to join NATO. And at the NATO summit, Turkey's Justice and Development Party agrees with it virtually, when they say that they strictly keep  the goals of the alliance. But it should note that Ankara's support for decisions that complicate Russia's position on the Black Sea as a NATO member, first of all, will have a negative impact on our country!

Turkey has already faced strong attacks in the Eastern Mediterranean. Now it is impossible to open a similar front in the Black Sea. Thus, we should pay attention the S-400 and F-35 program (F-35) and even the NATO membership in this content and consider all the happenings as a whole.


Written by Mehmet Ali Guler

Translated by Aytan Rasulzade


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