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28 January, Thursday

Massive ethnic cleansing and brutal massacres against the innocent Azerbaijani people by Armenia must be condemned by Western countries - American expert

Daglig Karabakh is Azerbaijan and this is paramount for the prevalence of International Law, for the wellbeing of Azerbaijani people and is fundamental for the regional security and for European Union security framework

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Peter Tase, American expert on international relations, presented his article to Eurasia Diary portal on the end of Armenian occupation and the restoration of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. 
The article titled " Massive ethnic cleansing and brutal massacres against the innocent Azerbaijani people by Armenia must be condemned by Western countries"
The liberation of Lachin has a great strategic importance for Azerbaijan and ensures full territorial sovereignty for the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Supreme Commander in Chief and the President of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev has brought into reality the great vision and eternal dream of National Leader of Azerbaijan and Former President Heydar Aliyev, in securing a complete control and recovery of the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan. Lachin district and its villages are home of some of the most important pilgrimage sites for the Turkish nations and the people of Azerbaijan. Lachin, since the Iron age has shown peculiar characteristics of Azerbaijani Architecture, Religious monuments that represent a tremendous wealth of European culture and unique religious art such as the mosques in Shalva, Garagol and Ahmadli villages. The rectangular mosque of 1790 in Jijimli Village is another rare treasure of religious architecture in Europe and Asia.  The temple in the Korchabulag Village is also very important, it represents unique cultural values that will further be studied in the months ahead. With the liberation of Lachin, European Culture and turkish nations together with the people of Azerbaijan, will have new dimensions and will further strengthen the monuments' status and will bring a new layer of tapestry within the European cultural mosaic and strengthen the international role of the Architectural school of Azerbaijan. Lachin represents the essence of Azerbaijani culture and will remain forever under the control of Azerbaijani government, knowing that its territory has been inhabited by Azerbaijani tribes since ancient times. Lachin District, under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev will become a shining city upon a hill, it will become one of the top destinations of cultural tourism in Eurasia.
The lack of respect towards the toponymy of archaeological centers of Azerbaijan and intentional use of Armenian invented words for the major cities of Azerbaijan is truly an offensive behavior against the people and history of Azerbaijan.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France has intentionally used the Armenian invented name of "Shushi", this is a clear provocation instigated by the French Diplomacy and the people of Azerbaijan are certainly disappointed and deeply offended from these ugly acts that attempt to destroy - with flamboyant French subtle diplomatic acts - the millenary heritage of the glorious people of Azerbaijan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the Republic of France, must issue an apologetic statement and immediately change the name into Shusha, in the official press release. ( )
One simple question I may raise: how would officials of the Government of France and citizens of Paris feel when reading an official press release issued by a foreign country where the word "Patras" (Greece's third largest city) is written in reference to Paris?  

I am sure that Parisians would be very much offended and irritated.  Shusha is a historic city of Islamic Culture and represents the treasures of European Society.  Shusha is a great treasure of Azerbaijan.  The French authorities must refrain from manipulating well known historical facts and should not be the pawns of repulsive Armenian Propaganda.

The Republic of Azerbaijan and its great leader and Commander in Chief President ILHAM ALIYEV have emerged as the beacon of democratic principles in the world, with the liberation of the legendary city of SHUSHA. We have to provide, from various international political platforms, secure all of the support, and convince European Union actors and Washington to openly commend and congratulate the Government of Azerbaijan for liberating the historic city of Shusha, a masterpiece of World history and the cradle Islamic Culture and Azerbaijani architecture. I am convinced and the world must know that Europe is more secure and stable while the heroic army of Azerbaijan is liberating every inch of sovereign territory from the fascist army of Armenia and from Armenian terrorism. We must stand united to  support Azerbaijan Armed Forces in its legitimate and heroic fight to recover all of the villages that belong to the people of Azerbaijan. I am extremely happy and delighted to know that Shusha has been liberated and we in the United States are standing ready to continue to support the international media and politically to secure greater prosperity for the people of Azerbaijan and to foster a prosperous economic cooperation with the United States. Daglig Karabakh is Azerbaijan and this is paramount for the prevalence of International Law, for the wellbeing of Azerbaijani people and is fundamental for the regional security and for European Union security framework. I am delighted to celebrate the liberation of Shusha, a great and marvelous city of Azerbaijan and a historic, ancient center of Azerbaijani archaeology. 
The current liberation of sovereign territory of Azerbaijan, glorious victories of Azerbaijan Armed Forces while neutralizing the fascist armed Forces of Armenia; have shown that in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, Kalbajar, Qubadli, Zangilan, Khojavend, Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Tartar, Shusha and Khankendi, the entire territory of Azerbaijan while occupied by armenian terrorist leadership and armed forces; had been destroyed, plundered and burned to the ground by the worst barbarians of humankind. Yes, yes this is a fact; video footage from the recently liberated areas shows clearly that in every village where Yerevan's fascists had set foot, you could see evil on earth and barbaric destruction is beyond any imagination.  Holding hostage twenty percent of the sovereign territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is an atrocious and horrendous act that was accompanied by massive ethnic cleansing and brutal massacres against the innocent local civilians of Azerbaijani Nationality; all of these acts of terrorism must be condemned by European so called democratic countries and above all by US Department of State and PACE.  Armenian occupation forces are expected to 
withdraw their personnel from Kalbajar region. We have to remind the international community that environment in Kalbajar has been totally destroyed and contaminated by Armenia's worst criminals, covered by a political immunity, who had conducted for decades illegal mining activities, extracting large amounts of Gold, conducting deforestation operations; while leaving behind a total destruction that is much worse than damages inflicted by the Barbarian invasions of early middle ages to the European continent. 
Withdrawal of Armenian Forces from Kalbajar marks Yerevan's complete capitulation in military operations, is testimony to Yerevan's total failure in negotiations and discerns Armenia's weak diplomacy.  Armenian Armed Forces must withdraw from every square inch of sovereign territory of Azerbaijan, that is recognized by the international community.  President of the European Council, Charles Michel, NATO Secretary General, Secretary Pompeo must urgently pressure Armenia to abide and act in accordance with the trilateral agreement that was signed with Republic of Azerbaijan and Russian Federation.  A greater engagement of the Republic of Turkey in the Southern Caucasus is paramount and extremely important to ensure geopolitical balances are respected and Multicultural Policies are implemented.  Today, Armenia is a failed state, run by terrorist oligarchs,  and its citizens must urgently expel Nikol V. Pashinyan from public office; a corrupt politician whose private collection of watches is worth well over two million USD. 
Peter Tase: Azerbaijan's democratic standards matured


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