One more warning from Israel to Iran - Could the third be the last? -

28 January, Friday

One more warning from Israel to Iran - Could the third be the last?

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Tensions around Iran continue to rise. Recently, the West's dissatisfaction with Tehran's nuclear activities has drawn attentions on it. Despite repeated warnings and sanctions, Iran's persistence in its nuclear activities has irritated stakeholders.
On December 4, an explosion was heard at a nuclear facility in Iran. Although the Iranian side claims that this is a training, various versions are put forward in the Western media. According to one of the allegations, Mossad, Israel's intelligence service, was directly involved in the incident. Sources in Israel, Iran's arch-enemy, go a step further, saying Tehran is facing a third warning.
The cause of the explosion is still unknown. However, Iran has already admitted on Saturday night that drones were interfering in the country's airspace, especially near Natanz. Thus, according to the claim, about 10 UAVs entering the territory of Iran flew over Natanz for 40 minutes. They were fired at by Iranian Bavar373 and Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, but they missed thetarget. After several attempts, one of the UAVs neutralized by the Iranian air defence landed in nearby villages. Following this, some Iranian sources criticized the mulfunction of the S-300s to hit the target, citing Russia's failure to deliver some parts of the system to Iran in full.
In addition, Iran's long-term use of the electronic radio-combat system during the incident caused the collapse of the surrounding networks.
Is Iran really weak in the face of any provocations trying to cover up the events? Or what message is being sent to Iran with the UAV attack, which is considered to be Israeli intervention?
Israeli journalist Shmuel Dean Elmas, editor of the Hayom news website, told about the issue. He commented on how realistic it is for Israel to be forced to take military action against Iran.
Dean Shmuel Elmas (@ElmasDean) / Twitter
" It is very realistic because we can see how Israel has improved the local Air Force, the strongest in the Middle East. With the new abilities, Israel can attack in all of Iran. It would be wrong for Biden Administration to think that if theyl tell Jerusalem "Please don't attack Iran" would be enough. It's not, and Washington has to understand that if they will not help Israel - Israel will help herself, just like in all of our history."
Shmuel Dean Elmas clarified the recent visit of the Mossad leader to the United States and the main issue behind it.
"Mr. Barnea has a lot of experience and I believe that he will tell his American counterparts "we decide our actions and not you". He knows Iran very well."
An Israeli journalist said Iran was extremely unprepared for the attacks.
"Iran is undoubtedly in a state of shock," he said.
"They think Israel will be afraid of their ballistic missiles program. However, Jerusalem has no reason to be afraid because we have an amazing anti missiles system, which is of the best in the world. Moreover, they should remeber how Azerbaijan has destroyed the Armenian army with Harop. Obviously, Israel can do the same to Iran if Jerusalem will decide to attack."
Elnur Enveroglu

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