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28 September, Tuesday

Houthi forces reportedly take last stronghold of pro-Saudi forces in Southern Marib province

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The Shi’ite militia launched an offensive in the Marib province in February.

Houthi forces and allied militias have captured the strategic al-Fuqara Mountains area, the last stronghold of pro-Saudi forces in the southern Marib province, in heavy fighting, Sputnik News reports citing Houthi aligned media. 

According to the report, Houthi forces also made significant advances in the Sanaa and Shabwa provinces.

Situated in the heart of central Yemen, the city of Marib is seen as a prime strategic prize by both sides, with the Houthis considering it the final stronghold of the Saudi-backed government forces in northern Yemen. The city is also home to hundreds of thousands of displaced civilian refugees, and the intensification of fighting in the region has led to fears in the international community regarding their fate.

Also on Wednesday, Saudi-coalition warplanes were reported to have launched 16 raids in the Marib and the al-Jawf provinces, with ground-based sources telling the Yemen Press Agency that combat was taking place on the western and northwestern approaches to Marib, with the city now said to be living in a ‘undeclared state of emergency’.

On Tuesday, regional media reported that a “massive explosion” had rocked a coalition headquarters in the Marib province. No further information was provided, and no group claimed responsibility for the incident. The Saudi-led coalition did not comment on the reports.

On Saturday, the Saudi-led coalition reported the destruction of three Houthi drones launched toward targets in the kingdom.


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