Baltic States ready to back up NATO militarily - This time war is inevitable -

27 May, Friday

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Baltic States ready to back up NATO militarily - This time war is inevitable

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As far back as 1997, when Poland was only part of NATO, the Baltic states such as, Esotonia, Latvia and Lithuania, also appealed to the alliance to support a military plan against Russia.
The lack of a positive outcome between Russia and NATO after the Brussels meeting has forced the parties to act more aggressively. The stubborn and hostile sides as though with fingers on the trigger have pointed guns to each other.
At the last meeting, Russian officials had asked for security on the eastern border, but the West had not responded for Russia's favour. According to Russia, NATO's plan for expansion at the eastern borders of Russia over the past decade have also influenced new members in the alliance. EU states near Russian borders say Russia does not stand still and it is causing a major threat for their future.  
"As Russia continues to gather its troops at the borders of Ukraine and Europe, this, of course, worries the Baltic states as well," Estonian Prime Minister Keja Kallas has told media.
She has also called on Moscow to hold constructive talks and sent a message to the Kremlin that sanctions would be expanded due to the escalating situation in Ukraine. She has stressed that the West is now doing nothing wrong and is not creating armed groups to attack Russia.
Surely, Russia will not remain unreactive to what is acted by NATO and its allies against it. In fact, according to many experts, a war is imminent.
Speaking to, Richardas Lapaitis, a Lithuanian journalist and close friend of the International Eurasia Press Fund has commented on the process.
"If we approach the issue from the prospect of Ukraine, we can immediately talk about the war. In my opinion, there are plans to impose sanctions on Russia and to make it even tougher. For the time being, NATO has no intention of waging an active war in Ukraine. This type of plan is neither suitable for the United States nor Europe at the moment. "
Lapaitis also touched upon the position of the Baltic states in support of Ukraine.
"The problem of Russia and the West passes through Ukraine; that is the core of the problem. The Baltic states also militarily back up NATO in supporting Ukraine. Apart from that, we have been providing necessary assistance to Ukraine for a long time.
As for Russia's actions against the West, I think that Ukraine will be the only country where Russia will be stuck. Ukraine is not a small country and it has full support. I don't think Russia can go beyond that red line.
I would also like to note that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have a joint agreement with NATO. If there is a war, we will definitely stick to this agreement. "
Elnur Enveroglu

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