Germany - Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project with Russia suspended - VIDEO -

17 August, Wednesday

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Germany - Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project with Russia suspended - VIDEO

German Chancellor Scholz said the government decided to “reassess” the certification of the pipeline in response to Moscow’s recognition of two breakaway regions in Ukraine.

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Germany has taken steps to halt the process of certifying the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia as the West started taking punitive measures against Moscow over the Ukraine crisis.
The German government is taking the measure in response to Moscow’s actions in Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz told reporters in Berlin on Tuesday.
Scholz said that the government had decided to “reassess” the certification of the pipeline, which hasn’t begun operating yet, in light of the latest developments.
“That will certainly take time, if I may say so,” he said.
The decision is a significant move for the German government, which had long resisted pulling the plug on the project despite pressure from the United States and some European countries to do so.
Europe's reliance on Russian gas
Washington has for years argued that building another pipeline bringing natural gas from Russia to Germany increases Europe’s reliance on Russian energy supplies.
Germany meets about a quarter of its energy needs with natural gas, a share that will increase in the coming years as the country switches off its last three nuclear power plants and phases out the use of coal.
About half of the natural gas used in Germany comes from Russia.
Russia announced on Tuesday that its recognition of independence for areas in eastern Ukraine extends to territory currently held by Ukrainian forces.
This further raised the stakes amid Western fears that Moscow a full-fledged invasion of Ukraine is imminent.
The announcement comes a day after Russia said it would recognise the independence.
The move was widely seen in the West to presage a Russian invasion.
Russia has amassed an estimated 150,000 troops near Ukraine in recent weeks, and Western leaders have warned Moscow planned to attack.


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