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20 May, Monday

The Jonas Brothers released new music video starring their significant others - VIDEO

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The Jonas Brothers debuted their first new song in ten years, Sucker, with a live stream of the accompanying music video.

The video featured all of the brothers, Kevin, 31, Joe, 29 and Nick, 26, along with all of their significant others as well.

Kevin's wife Danielle is featured along with Joe's fiancee, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner and Nick's new wife Priyanka Chopra. 

The video begins with a yellow car pulling up to a massive and lavish mansion, before heading inside where the Jonas Brothers are performing while the ladies look on.

Turner and Danielle Jonas are seen wearing bizarre outfits, laying out in lounge chairs while surrounded by bunny rabbits, while Turner held a megaphone.

The party gets taken onto the mansion grounds, with Chopra wearing an elaborate pink dress and an even more elaborate headdress and earrings.

Turner is seen wearing a fluffy multi-coloured top while hanging out atop the shrubbery, while Joe looks on from a pink ladder. 

When the song gets to the chorus, Danielle, in a fluffy pink dress, is outside walking a number of tiny and adorable dogs.

Kevin puts on a red fencing outfit and is seen fencing with one of his brothers, while all of their women look on.

The party then shifts outside with a tea party of sorts with the brothers and their women all gathered around a small table with plenty of treats.

The brothers and their others then each get their own bathtub outside, holding drinks and sucking on suckers in the tub. 

They moved the party back inside and started dancing while a number of people even started dancing as well.

The couples all got dressed up in more bizarre attire for a dinner party with a number of other couples. 

Things get a bit heated when Joe ends up tied up as Sophie watches from a throne.

The video ends with all three couples posing for an artist who is painting their portrait.

The Jonas Brothers will first perform Sucker live on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Monday, March 4. 

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