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21 June, Friday

Pursuit of a better life: Migration - Interview by Mr. Hassan Ben Imran

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The conflicts over the hot points of the world increased migration processes. Sometimes migration leads to the death of a huge amount of people. Eurasia Diary focused on this important issue and took an interview from the director of One Justice NGO Mr. Hassan Ben Imran.

What is the main reason for illegal migration which sometimes leads to death?

Migration phenomenon is as old as human race. Throughout history, people always left their homes towards new destinations looking for opportunities or safety that they cannot have in their original place. As for the migration labelled as illegal, there would be little reason for someone whose whole neighborhood is destroyed or his family is perished in war to not look for ways to continue living. Those who risked their lives were not the ones who had a good life and they wanted more, but those who had to make a choice between slow death or a good life while taking the risk of a fast death.

How the increase of migration influences society and state?

Migrants usually have different customs and traditions than the people living in the destination country. This would make a challenge that could be only tackled by open dialogue and state-sponsored program to create a common understanding.

Why international community approaches this humanitarian problem so indifferently and efforts are not enough?

Unfortunately, few have been concerned about it and mostly it was the civil society. Most states care about migration only when they are the destination country, otherwise, they would so indifferently say like what the Prime Minister of one country neighboring Myanmar when asked about why her shore police shot at the Burmese innocent people running away from genocide: "Why should we let them in!". It needs efforts from everyone not just to deal with this ongoing tragedy, but also to make sure humanity is not already dead!

Interviewed by Ulvi Ahmedli

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