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10 April, Friday

Armenia has turned Garabagh into Kandil Mountains of the PKK - What is the plan 4T of Armenians? - Exclusive

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Goksel Gulbey, Chairman of the International Association for Fight against Groundless Armenian Claims (ASIMDER), representative of the Azerbaijan International Diaspora Centre (AIDC), gave an exclusive interview to Eurasia Diary.

- What are the goals of the Armenians in their efforts to reach out the so-called genocide to the attention of the world?
- The aim of the Armenian genocide is to implement Turkey's 4T plans. What is a 4T plan? The first T is the recognition, the second T is the promotion, the third T is indemnity, the fourth T is the land. According to the 4T plan, the Armenians want to introduce the so-called genocide to Turkey through Europe, and then demand indemnity for the Armenian families affected by the so-called genocide and then plunder the land from Turkey.
The goal of the Armenians is to join Turkey's southeastern, eastern Anatolia and even the eastern Black Sea region into the so-called "Western Armenia". We, as an organization, are opposed to it and explain that the idea of genocide is a lie, and that the real issue is to eye on the territory of Turkey.
- Do you think the real reason for some countries to accept the so-called Armenian genocide is their negative attitude towards Turkey?
- European, Christian and other countries that support the Armenian goals, also try to support their own goals. Their goal is to strain Turkey, not to mention Turkey as a country on the world stage, to impede its development, to damage its economy, to hinder a strong Turkey with the PKK / YPG / PYD and the Armenian issue. The reason for their support and possession of the Armenians is to make Turkey weak and get what they want. In particular, they want to exploit Turkey's economic resources. The Armenian and PKK / YPG / PYD issues have always strived to make Turkey a destitute country.
One of the main reasons for their recognition of the so-called genocide is the fact that most of these countries have been in captivity and domination of the Ottoman Empire for 600 years. These subordinate countries in Ottoman Empire and the Christians are now trying to avenge the Republic of Turkey with their hatred against the Ottoman Empire.

- Why do many countries and organisations recognise the so-called Armenian genocide of 1915, but do not recognise the Khojaly genocide committed by the Armenians in 1992, which was proven by overwhelming evidence?

- Some countries of the world take it ideologically, that is the issue of war between civilizations. Meanwhile, it is Christian and Muslim discrimination. Thus, the belief that my naughty Christian child is better than a wise Muslim child is filled in minds. Moreover, just as the Turks were the representative of Islam in the Ottoman period, so did the Arabs, and so on, as the representative of Islam. they do not see; when it is not a Muslim, the Turkish first come to mind.
In this regard, Azerbaijan is not separated from Turkey. Zori Balayan, so-called physician, skinned off and nailed a baby boy on the wall in Khojaly to measure how much the child can endure. He says, "I take vengeance of 1915!"
The 1992 Khojaly massacre is considered by Armenians as retailation for their alleged events in 1915. It is enough for them to be Turk whether in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan or anywhere in the world. The issue for the Armenians is the Turkish animosity!
Why do some countries not recognize the Khojaly genocide? According to Christianity, it has to do with Armenians. The reason behind the Armenian lobby's support in the world is the use of Armenians in their own interests. The Russians, Americans, French, Germans, and English have used it many times. Armenians have used it so much that they are now paying for it. The Armenian lobby forces some countries to support them with money and politics. Therefore, they do not recognise the Khojaly massacre, they are not interested in recognising the Khojaly massacre. Arab countries don't event give opinion for this.
- How do you estimate the fact that thousands of Armenians live comfortably in Turkey, despite the Armenians' efforts to promote Turkey as a cruel country and fight against Turkey in the PKK / YPG / PYD terrorist organisations?
- Turkey is a tolerant and democratic country. Under our laws, anyone can live comfortably in our country, regardless of race, religion, faith or colour.
And Armenians?! Armenia is a fabricated country. A country that is unable to protect its borders but eye on the territory of its neighbors. They claims lands from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Iran. This is not the power of the Armenians, but the wisdom of those who guide them.
Turkey will never compromise terrorism. Turkey is always facing PKK, YPG, PYD, ISIS and other terrorist organisations and will always fight.
But Armenia is a terrorist state! Armenia is a country that supports terrorism. The sculptures of the ASALA member terrorists in their countries and the burial of Armenians in the military cemetery show how the terrorists came out.
Currently, there are camps of PKK and other terrorist organisations in Garabagh. Terrorists can move freely in Garabagh. Armenia has turned Nagorno-Karabakh into the Kandil mountains of the PKK All these facts prove that Armenia is a terrorist state.

-What are main activities of your organization in the fight against Armenian lies?
- We have been fighting against Armenian lies since the foundation of the organisation in 2002. We tell our people that it is a lie and we are working on it. We reach out information to press and our people with holding panels, conferences, photo exhibitions, and publishing brochures, newspapers, books. We say that the Armenian claims are fake, and in fact, we Turks were killed by Armenians. At the same time, we have never forgotten Garabakh problem of fraternal Azerbaijan.
As a brother of Azerbaijan, we have always explained what happened in Garabagh along with the so-called Armenian genocide of 1915. Just as Armenians do not differentiate the Turks living either in Azerbaijan or Turkey and they see and behave as one race, so we see them as an enemy too.
President Ilham Aliyev has a beautiful saying, "If one nation is a nation, one nation will have a diaspora." Therefore, we never acted as a separate diaspora and did not separate Garabagh and the massacres committed by Armenians in 1915. This is a genocide against Turkey.

İzmit city

Sakarya city

İstanbul city

İzmir city

Ankara city

Ushak city

Kocaeli city
In all its activities, ASIMDER is the most closely followed by the Armenian press and the Armenian Diaspora, as well as the Armenian Diaspora Ministry and all Armenian diaspora representatives. With full of our forces and efforts we work and will carry on working endlessly. With all our members, we will show that we are right in this matter whether we are in Turkey or other countries, no matter where we are.
Göksel Gülbey
Interviewed by Tabriz Abbasov

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