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5 March, Friday

Turkish expert - "Otherwise they know well of the state they will stand against" - VIDEO

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An article published on the Greek news website “Orthodox Times” showed disrespect for Turkey's territorial integrity. Thus, the city of Istanbul is named Constantinople on the site. Such publications are clearly an example of endless hatred of the Turkish world. It is known that Greece, like its Armenian partners, is not afraid to take any path, as they are ambitious in the territories of Turkey and the Turkic world.

It is no coincidence that in the Second Karabakh War, the Greeks travelled flying over thousands of miles and did not spare their help to the invading Armenians. On the contrary, being a small state, they tried to unite their powers to face a giant like the Turkic world.

Thus, the history continues with the Armenian hostility in the east and the Greek hatred in the west. 


Professor at Koceli University in Turkey, political expert Irfan Kaya Ulger told Eurasia Diary in his exclusive interview.

"In fact, today the behavior of both Greece and Armenia against us is unprofessional, and it can be considered as nonsense.

Regarding to the biased naming of Istanbul as Constantinople, it is no longer unusual for us. We have always said and continue to say this again: We have no eyes on anyone's land, and those who think about it should look at it in terms of their population, economic and military power. Of course, given their current situation, they must abandon their old ideals based on utopia, but ally with a great power like Turkey for their own interests. But otherwise, they know well of the state they will stand against," said the political expert.

During the interview, the expert also shared his views on the role of Russia and Turkey in the Caucasus after the war, Turkey's work on the project of one belt - one road, as well as the tripartite agreement recently signed in Moscow at Russia's invitation.

Eurasia Diary presents a video of an exclusive interview with Pr. Irfan Kaya Ulger:


By Elnur Enveroglu


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