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23 August, Friday

The impact of the Russian-Turkish relations on tourism sector - Orhan Sanjar

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Advisor to the Chairman of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies Orhan Sancar talked exclusively to Eurasia Diary regarding current situation on the tourism sector in Turkey after improving relations with Russia.

Eurasia Diary: Recently, the Russian-Turkish relations are improving. How will this situation affect the tourism sector? What changes can be observed?

Orhan Sanjar: Improvement of the relations between Turkey and Russia will impact positively on tourism sector. First step is lifting of the ban on charter. 250-300 thousand Russian tourists visited Turkey in September and October as well.

We are expected five million Russian tourists in 2017 as a result of this reconciliation. At the same time we hope that people of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries who are affected by improvement of relations will visit our country as well.

Eurasia Diary: How did the unpleasant relations between Russia-Turkey affect the tourism sector?

Orhan Sanjar: During this situation it was established unpleasant feeling against Turkey and close relations between the two countries dated for many years failed because of exaggerating the nationalistic feelings. It is undeniable fact that it had a serious impact on economy, hotels were closed, workers were fired and sellers were seriously affected and Antalya Expo was dreary as well.

Eurasia Diary: How will European countries, their allies and the United States respond to the Russian-Turkish friendship and how will it affect the tourist sector?

Orhan Sanjar: I think that this will not affect the tourism potential because the Europeans make political decisions separately. Surely, country’s warning on visit to Turkey can build a negative impact on tourism.

Eurasia Diary: How do you think Russia or Western countries play influential role for the maximum improvement of the tourism sector? Which one is more important for Turkey?

Orhan Sanjar: Both of them are important, but Russia’s potential is developing and growing, so more attention is paid to Russia.

Eurasia Diary: In your opinion, how important is the advertising for the tourism sector?

Orhan Sanjar: Tourism is nothing without representation , we should always present our products and  travel alternatives .


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