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16 September, Monday

US military asks Germany to extend Tornado mission in Syria

A German newsmagazine has reported that the US wants a German air force mission in Syria to continue. But Angela Merkel's junior coalition partners say they want the flights to end later this year.

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A US general has asked the German military to extend its aerial reconnaissance and tank missions in Syria to help US troops fighting against the remnants of the "Islamic State" terrorist group, German newsmagazine Der Spiegel reported Friday.

Der Spiegel said it had seen a confidential letter sent in May from the head of United States Central Command (CENTCOM), General Kenneth McKenzie, to Germany's Chief of Defense, General Eberhard Zorn.

In the letter, McKenzie reportedly commends Germany's reconnaissance mission and asks for the Bundeswehr armed forces to continue "support in the provision of surveillance flights, air refueling and army training in Iraq."

"Only with the continuation of permanent air surveillance for our men and women … can we ensure a dominance that is crucial for the success of the coalition," he wrote.

Deutsche Welle

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