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20 September,

Russian senior diplomat says there is no progress in Russian-US relations in any field

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Relations between Moscow and Washington did not see progress in any fields of cooperation in the past years with a rare exception and US politicians don’t view Russia as a partner, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told an online session of the Primakov Readings forum, reports citing TASS.

"Unfortunately, we cannot basically name any field in bilateral relations and in the approach of Moscow and Washington to international issues, with a rare exception, where a clear and sizable progress was reached in the past years," Ryabkov said.

The senior diplomat said this was a unique situation during a long period of Russian-US and Soviet-US relations. According to Ryabkov, at the moment US officials view Russia as an object of politics and do not consider the possibility of partnership with Moscow even on a very down-to-earth and minimum agenda.

Unfortunately, there is no doubt that Russia is considered as a negative factor in the US domestic context, he noted. "Over the years of Trump’s presidency we have seen various turns of the Russian issue and many of them were absolutely unprecedented from the viewpoint of presenting and whipping up the issue in general and its projection to many processes in the US." Ahead of the November 3 election the Russian issue will be circulating in the US domestic political struggle, Ryabkov said.

"We cannot actually say which administration, the Republican or Democratic, that will assume power in Washington next year after the inauguration of the 46th president of the United States, will be better for us," the senior diplomat added.

He emphasized that the anti-Russian consensus was deeply rooted in the US elites at all levels: US politicians regard Russia as an obstacle to Washington’s dominance in the world and continuing to resolve geopolitical problems on conditions acceptable for them.

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