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12 August, Wednesday

UN Security Council must impose embargo on Armenia - Analytic

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The terrorist Armenian military organizations committed massacres against the indigenous Azerbaijani population in Karabakh, which is obviously defined as ethnic cleansing, said Mehmet Sukru Guzel.

Turkish professor Mehmet Sukru Guzel, who is the founder president of the Center for Peace and Reconciliation Studies, shared his views with EDNews.net portal concerning the recent Armenian aggression at the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

Turkish professor noted that the attacks by the Armenian side on Azerbaijan positions at the state border are in contrast to international legal documents.

“This is an open crime of aggression as defined in article 8bis of the Rome Statue of the ICC and 2010 Kampala Review, the General Assembly Resolution 3314 on the crime of aggression and the UN Charter by Armenia with the definition of "effective control" concept by the ICJ over the occupied territories. Non-state Armenian armed groups, who committed bloody crimes in the past, must be designated under the UN legal system as terrorist units,” – said Sukru Guzel.

 “Armenia is also trying to organize a puppet settler colony organization with the so-called right of conquest as like the main reason of the World War 2 - Nazism ideology of "lebensraum,” which is living space for the Aryans. Nazi Germany made genocide not only to the Jews but also to other indigenous groups. Mass massacres committed by terrorist Armenian military organizations against the indigenous Azerbaijan population in Karabakh are obviously based on the definition of ethnic cleansing. We should add here as well the Khojali Genocide,” he added.

Furthermore, the Turkish professor stressed the necessity of the involvement of the United Nations into actions to inhibit Armenian aggression and to ensure peace in the region.

“Now the UN Security Council must act on the preventive measures to protect peace and need to adopt a resolution imposing an embargo on Armenia in case the Armenian authorities continue occupation in the territories of Azerbaijan. At the same time, the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy must be implemented to prevent the finance of Armenian non - state armed groups designated as terrorist units. Meanwhile, Interpol must get into action for all the goods smuggled illegally from Azerbaijan and sold to the world,” Sukru Guzel noted.

“The military equipment used against Azerbaijan need also be investigated by which a peaceful solution can be achieved on the table,” – he concluded.

It should be noted that there has been intensive fighting between Armenian and Azerbaijan armed forces at the border of Armenia-Azerbaijan. According to the press service of Azerbaijan Defense Ministry, on July 12-13 Armenian armed forces attempted to seize the positions of Azerbaijan military units at the border, using heavy artillery. But, the Azerbaijan army in the fierce battle involving artillery, mortars, and tanks, paid retaliation to Armenian forces by launching a strong military operation. Azerbaijan's army has successfully suppressed the Armenian attack.  As a result of insidious attacks by Armenian aggressors, the number of Azerbaijan soldiers and high-military personals - major-general and colonel of the Azerbaijan army were martyred and others were wounded.

By Yunis Abdullayev

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