Pakistani Youth extend unequivocal comprehensive support to Azerbaijan on the ongoing Karabakh conflict - Qaiser Nawab | Eurasia Diary -

25 October,

Pakistani Youth extend unequivocal comprehensive support to Azerbaijan on the ongoing Karabakh conflict - Qaiser Nawab

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Pakistan's Youth Leader Qaiser Nawab has sent statement to Eurasia Diary portal on Armenian aggressive attacks against Azerbaijan. 

We the Pakistani Youth extend unequivocal moral, political and diplomatic support to Azerbaijan on the ongoing Karabakh conflict. We strongly condemned the aggression of the Armenian armed forces that have occupied 20 percent of the territory of Azerbaijan and conducted campaign of the ethnic cleansing and genocide against Azerbaijani population and culture in the occupied regions. It is indeed a miserable situation that Armenia rejects any peace initiative and disrespects the resolutions of the United Nations and the principles of international law, clutching at occupation in the territories of Azerbaijan.

The ongoing Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict is now decades old that has the potential to escalate to a bigger and lethal war that may engulf the whole region. The reason for this is that one of the parties in the conflict namely Armenia is neighboring country of Azerbaijan, which keeps the Nagorno-Karabakh region and 7 adjacent territories of Azerbaijan into the occupation.

International actors aren’t taking any actions as they don’t have any interests in the conflict. Their lack of interest in the conflict has created power vacuum due to which Armenia is taking advantage and is not ready to come to negotiation table. Moreover, United Nations is also not able to enforce its resolutions due to which Armenia has become stubborn. There is a need to understand by the international community particularly China that the Armenian occupation is a firm threat to peace and stability in the Belt, Road and initiative.

The resolution of the issue would ensure in increasing the geopolitical importance of the region in the Eurasian continent as two neighboring states of Azerbaijan and Armenia would be at peace. This would lead to increase in trade and tourism between the two countries and would benefit the region as a whole. Moreover, it would also facilitate realizing the fruits of Belt and Road initiative of China and international North South Transport Corridor.

Geographically, Azerbaijan is located at very important place in these routes. SO, peace, prosperity and stability in Azerbaijan are essential for the true realization of these projects. Talking about the BRI, we should mention the construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, which decreased transportation of goods from Beijing to London to 11 days. Also, Azerbaijan invested in the North-South transportation corridor, which will connect Persian Gulf with Baltic Sea. I think these projects will only work for the common welfare of the region.

Pakistan and Azerbaijan are brotherly countries having a strong and comprehensive cooperation between two countries in the various fields, such as economy, trade, energy, military, culture, education and other regional issues. Pakistan’s produced advanced and powerful weapons play a significant role in the strengthening of Azerbaijani army. Meanwhile, both Pakistan and Azerbaijan also have been operating together in the development of regional economy and transit routes through the different organizations and diplomatic formats. Cooperation between countries in the areas of trade, economy, military, education and cultural aspects is on continuous rise. Additionally, both countries are at the heart of many regional projects like One Belt One road and India’s North South International Corridor which lend these two countries importance.

Engr. Qaiser Nawab, a renowned Human Rights and Youth Activist is a young dynamic youth leader who has well-travelled the world and has represented Pakistani youth on many international forums in more than 39 countries. Being a youth activist, he finds special passion in connecting and inspiring young people of different backgrounds and nationalities. He is the Founder and CEO of “THE” Society- Together for Health and Education, a youth led organization, supporting young people in realizing their aspirations and potential for materializing Health and Education for Sustainable Development

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