The West's footprint in Iran's provocation -

2 April,

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The West's footprint in Iran's provocation

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It is clear that the purpose of provocation by Iran on the border of Azerbaijan with warplanes is to threaten Baku, and it is not excluded that it will continue. In recent days, the circulation of the claim that "Azerbaijan has given Israel a platform to attack Iran" should not be considered accidental in this context. And it is interesting that the source of these claims is in the West. For example, the American congressman Eliot Engel, who is known as a member of the Armenian lobby, recently made such a statement, and Armenian and Iranian media published a "reference" to him.
Ednews reports these claims have 3 purposes:
First, a "point of reference" is created for Iran's accusations against Azerbaijan;
Second, by expanding the ring of pressure against Baku, it deters possible steps against Armenia;
Third, forces that do not support Israel's military intervention in Iran "pass the buck" to Tehran to take preventive measures and prevent the expansion of the anti-Iranian coalition.

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