Microsoft offers more spares for commercial customers to repair Surface devices -

30 November, Tuesday

Microsoft offers more spares for commercial customers to repair Surface devices

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Back in February, Microsoft announced that it is offering spare parts to commercial customers so that they can repair, service, and upgrade their Surface devices. At that time, the only component on offer was the Microsoft Surface Removal SSD (rSSD) for the Surface Pro 7+. Today, Microsoft has significantly enhanced its initial offer by including more components covering a greater range of devices. The latest list of commercial spares can be seen below:

The idea behind the program is to allow organizations to have IT technicians repair and service Surface devices on-site using spare parts. This will improve recyclability and reduce wastage. It will also extend the life and quality of a Surface device as organizations can simply purchase a spare module to replace their problematic one on-site instead of having to go directly to Microsoft. Commercial customers will also have the opportunity to "refresh" their device with newer components, where applicable.

That said, Microsoft has emphasized that the servicing of Surface devices should be carried out by skilled IT technicians who utilize the guidance provided by the Redmond tech giant. Commercial customers can purchase the aforementioned spares from Microsoft Authorized Device Resellers from October 15 across all Surface markets. However, it is important to note that the removable SSD announced for the Surface Pro 7+ back in February is only available in the U.S.

Component Description Surface Laptop 4 Surface Laptop 3 Surface Pro 7+ Surface Pro 7 Surface Pro X SQ2 Surface Pro X SQ1
SSD Door Provides access to removable solid state drive (rSSD)      
Kickstand Hinged stand for 2-1 devices    

Display assembly

C-Cover Keyboard, Trackpad, and Frame assembly      


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