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19 May,

Khojaly Genocide - It's time to take the perpetrators to the Court of Justice

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It’s the time to bring the perpetrators of Khojaly Genocide into the International Criminal Court to serve the justice to the families and the victims of this heinous crimes committed by the Armenian forces against the people of Azerbaijan on the 26 Feb. 1992.

On this anniversary of the Khojaly Genocide people from all walks of lives around the world are commemorating this day and expressing their solidarity with the people of Azerbaijan.

The Khojaly Genocide is one the most shameful and the brutal act of violence and intimidation by the Armenians armed forces towards the innocent people of Azerbaijan on Feb. 25-26 in 1992 during the Karabakh war in the Azerbaijan’s region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The Armenian forces in getting the control of Upper Karabakh region had forgotten all human values and committed this massacre just to occupy the 20 percent territory of Azerbaijan by terrorizing its people through this genocide.

According to the independent sources during this invasion in the town of Khojaly more than 613 Azerbaijanis including children, women and elders were killed by the Armenians forces.

The population of the whole town of Khojaly was more than 11000 and in two hours of ambush more than 613 Azeri citizens including 116 women and 63 children killed by the Armenian forces. There are 487 people seriously injured. According to the independent figures the Armenians forces captured more than 1275 people where 150 are still missing till this day and their families and loved one are waiting of their return.

The Khojaly massacres has been deeply shaken and violated all the Human Rights laws and values and proved it’s as ethnic cleansing of the Azerbaijan’s nationals.

This bloodshed is one of the latest forms of the genocide in the modern history that has been condemned by the whole world and the Armenians committed this crime by violating all international laws and United Nations (UN) charters.

The people of Azerbaijan has not forgotten the day of Khojaly when the brutality and mass killing was ruled into the streets of Khojaly town and it was full of blood of the innocent children, women and elders.

The Armenian government tried to hide this crime but every year the demand for justice for the Khojaly martyrs is increasing. The parliaments of more than 15 countries have acknowledged Khojaly as genocide and it’s increasing every day.

Every year there are seminars and people arranged walks to pay tribute to the victims of Khojaly genocide.

The Khojaly memorial also called Mother’s Cry Monument is located in the Khatai district of Baku, Azerbaijan. This crying mother carrying the dead body of a child is a big question mark to the whole world as she is begging for the justice and to make accountable the killers of her child but the world is silent in front of all Armenians aggression and war crimes.


Malik Ayyub Sumbal is a former editor in chief of Eurasia Diary, an award-winning journalist and political analyst

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