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22 May, Wednesday

International Bank of Azerbaijan took millions loans in the name of cleaners and translators - Jahangir Hajiyev Case

Details of the case against Javanshir Hajiyev

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On March 11, the Baku Court of Grave Crimes chaired by Faik Ganiyev continued the trial of former head of the International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA) Jahangir Hajiyev, former deputy and businessman Dunyamin Khalilov and others accused of embezzling IBA funds. in London, last year it became known for millions of purchases in London stores. Azerbaijan demands that Zamira Hajiyeva be extradited to our justice.

At the beginning of the hearing, the lawyer Fakhraddin Mehdiyev stated that the sister of the arrested banker Amina Gadzhiyeva was not allowed to have telephone conversations and meetings with her brother. In this regard, she appealed to Baku Economic and Administrative Court No. 2. However, the court rejected the claim. At the last court hearing in the Baku Court of Grave Crimes, lawyer Mehdiyev filed a petition to allow his relatives to have telephone conversations and meetings, referring to the similar advice of the Administrative and Economic Court. However, the court rejected the petition, citing the fact that this issue is not within their authority.

Then the process continued with the testimony of witnesses, who told how they took loans from the IBA in their name. Also, testimony was given by persons arrested several years ago with D. Khalilov. Mansur Zeynalov stated that he worked as a lawyer in D. Khalilov’s company General Construction. However, he is not a lawyer by education: “I just translated the documents. In 2007, Khalilov founded the Condor Group and appointed me as a director. Then they took loans to my name. I just signed up.” Witness Farhad Amiraslanov10 million manats were taken in his name, said he worked as a construction specialist at General Construction: "Then, at the request of Khalilov, I became the head of Agora LLC. But the management was formal. Credits was taken several times in my name. " Witness Seyfulla Seyfullayev said that loans worth 9 million manats were issued in his name: "However, I did not see the money. I was told that the money would be spent on the development of the company. We had to buy rebar, but did not buy it."

The court also gave testimony cook, cleaner, master from the factory D. Khalilov and others. All of them said that they took multimillion-dollar loans in their name, and they knew nothing about it, even though they signed the documents. They were ordered to bring IDs and go to the bank.

The next hearing will be held on March 18.

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