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3 June, Wednesday

Prof. Muhammad Yunus - "COVID-19 made us to learn from our mistakes"

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Man proposes God Disposes – it is a true proverb in its own meaning… 

Some of us get disappointed for losing a chance of making thing come true, however we never know what is best and what is worst behind the outcome of our plans in this life.  

Professor Muhammad Yunus said the COVID-19 made big and positive changes in lives of people with its unexpected attack in our world.

"I would even say the raging pandemic makes this Festival more meaningful and more urgent. Because the pandemic gives us an opportunity to look back at where we went wrong, and how we should reinvent ourselves. This crisis is leading to the collapse of the existing world order. If that happens, on the positive side, we see the great opportunity to build a completely new socio-economic order, on the ashes of the destruction of the old order." 

According to him, the change in the world will bring its positive effect on our new lifestyle.

"There is not much reason for us to shed tears for the collapse of the old order. The old order led us to a disaster. In a sense we are lucky to be derailed from this disastrous path. We have a CHOICE— either we go back on the old tracks, or we build new tracks to take us to a new civilization. We are now in position to build new tracks. We missed our chance in 2008 in building those after the global financial crash. Let us not miss the chance this time."

Muhammad Yunus also mentioned the significance of holding Super HappYYness Festival 2021, which he said it becomes extremely important and timely.

While we plan for the 2021 Festival, we should focus on the immediate task to save people, particularly the older people, and the economically vulnerable among us. We can focus on what kind of healthcare system we must build to include everybody in that system. If anyone is missed, he or she becomes the gaping hole that invites health hazards for all. We must build a system where each one is recognized as a part of the whole. Nobody is an island, no matter how rich and powerful. The complete system of life is not limited to human beings alone; the system includes all life forms. Maintaining balance among all lives leads us to the question of our food habits, we should learn what to eat. COVID-19 has taught us a harsh lesson on our food habits. If we become respectful to all life forms, we shall have safer lives for all life forms on this planet.

We must mobilize our Super HappYYness community as the crisis gets deeper and deeper. We can give people hope for a new world in the middle of this raging war. We must act. It is time to act. We can act locally, act nationally, and act globally. We have the knowledge, network and creativity to produce results. We work with individuals, families, communities, we work with the youth, with senior people, with the business world, we can work with corporates. We can work with tech people. We can work with governments, financial institutions, policy-makers. If we do not act, the world will go back and repeat what it did in 2008. This is the easiest option for the status quo. We have to give them new options, more attractive than before, bringing more fundamental changes than ever thought possible. This is the time for action at all levels.



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