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25 September, Saturday

I find the Azerbaijani Media very efficient and forthcoming regarding the world news - Shazia Cheema

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Pakistani writer and analyst Shazia Cheema congratulated Azerbaijani journalists and media staff on occassion of national press day in Azerbaijan. 

The writer Shazia Cheema is an analyst writing for national and international media outlets. She heads the DND Thought Center. She did her MA in Cognitive Semiotics from Aarhus University Denmark and is currently registered as a Ph.D. Scholar of Semiotics and Philosophy of Communication at Charles University Prague

"I congratulate my Azerbaijani friends who are professional journalists and media practitioners on the 146th anniversary of National Press Day that is celebrated on every July 22.

This is my second year working with Azerbaijani media and I find the Azerbaijani Media very efficient and forthcoming regarding the world news. Azerbaijani Media portrays a realistic picture and unbiased situation analysis which of course add credibility to any media. I would like to mention that media outlets of Azerbaijan are always supportive, whenever I have approached them, they not only provide me a platform to present my case but also try their level best to understand and appreciate my viewpoint. So far situation of the Karabakh is concerned, I followed the entire event side by side with Azerbaijani media and Azerbaijani media played a historic role in placing true picture of war to the world and coverage of Azerbaijan showed the world that manipulative information cannot work anymore. World is not ready to accept fake news, audience are now informed enough that they can figured out twisted and tilted viewpoints that’s why people want to know the truth. Azerbaijani media not only presented their case earnestly but also with the help of other countries media outlet they make their case even stronger. During the entire period they ask for authentic and research based write-ups from the researchers like me, it seems their only concern was not defending their case but also they were eager to understand non- Azerbaijani viewpoint. The thing which I want to appreciate most is the welcoming atmosphere that obviously create space for multiple trajectories."

Today, Azerbaijani journalists and media state celebrate the day of National Press in Azerbaijan. 
On July 22, 1875 Hasan Bey Zardabi, who was one of the most prominent intellectual figures and publicists in Azerbaijan, founded Ekinchi newspaper. His newspaper operating in Azerbaijani language had played progressive and beneficial role in the promotion of englightment movement among Azerbaijani people for three years. The themes of newspaper covered science, education, culture, history, agriculture and the economy. 
In 1877, Ekinchi newspaper was closed under the pressure of Tsarist regime. 

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