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3 February, Friday

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Konul Nurullayeva expressed the importance of the inclusion of persons with disabilities in PACE

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A meeting of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe was held. Konul Nurullayeva, a member of Azerbaijan's PACE delegation, also participated in the session and voiced her opinions on a number of important topics.
The MP, who first shared her views on "Promoting innovation for the inclusion of persons with disabilities", noted that a number of global crises that have occurred in recent years, especially the COVID-19 pandemic, have deepened the existing inequalities and discrimination faced by the persons with disabilities. Therefore, in order to increase their inclusion, she emphasized the importance of implementing and developing various innovative programs and assistive technologies designed to improve the functional capabilities of disabled people. Also, K. Nurullayeva highlighted that in addition to the promoting the usage of such technologies, governments should also play an integral role in the development of these innovations.
Later, K.Nurullayeva, who shared her thoughts on "Preventing and combating violence against women with disabilities", spoke about the significance of the participation of women with disabilities in the preparation of laws related to gender-based violence. The MP said that the close participation of women from this category in the process is important in terms of better understanding of their problems and preparation of effective solutions.
K.Nurullayeva also attended the meeting of the "No Hate" Parliamentary Alliance, which was established within the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination, dedicated to "Combating hate speech: measures to support the victims – the role of parliamentarians". The MP emphasized the importance of increasing public awareness about the victims' rights and how to exercise them in order to support the victims of hate speech. "Parliamentarians can also play a role in this fight against hate speech by establishing laws prohibiting such behavior and ensuring that they are implemented effectively", - she added.
It should be noted that K. Nurullayeva was elected a member of the "No to Hate" Parliamentary Alliance.

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