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23 October, Wednesday

Inability of Criticism in Azerbaijan - Reasons

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Sometimes, taking criticism may be difficult. But, there are many positive features of it. Criticism leads to the development of ideas and works. One of the main things in criticism is using language properly.

Azerbaijan is one of the societies which majority of its population lacks to be able to criticize in a proper way. There are many factors for analyzing this situation. Eurasia Diary asked from political researcher Shamkhal Abilov.

Shamkhal Abilov shared his experience in Azerbaijan and Europe for finding the reasons for this social problem.

He started to explain the procedure of complaining in Europe, Germany. 

"When I live in Germany and in Austria as well, you can't disturb people in the night. Generally, people sleep at night because they will go to work. There were so few lights in houses at night. If you make noise, probably the neighbor will approach first and then they will complain to you directly. If you wouldn't finish disturbing, maybe they will apply police and the case could be brought to the trial."

Abilov compared the Germany experience with Azerbaijan.

"People accepts such complaints very normally in Europe. In Azerbaijan people doesn't accept like them and they don't like people who apply to police. There are several reasons of it. Because many times people use this way for their own benefit. It means they are faking to get money. The majority of the complaints is not right but for blackmail, fake complaints."

Then, he began to explain the way of criticism in Azerbaijan.

"Criticism almost doesn't exist in Azerbaijan. It can be proved in many cases. The Turkish girl Aysegul wrote false writing about Khojali and falsified the information. We have given a statement to her by historical facts. She said to us that many insults were addressed to me for this case by Azerbaijanis. Maybe the position of author wrong, but this doesn't give you a right  to use insulting against it. The best way is to prove scientifically."

Abilov thinks that the majority of Azerbaijanis doesn't know the way of criticism, they are using mainly insulting.

"There are some factors that influence this. First one is social-economic problem. For example, the girl who condemned Mubariz Ibrahimov the hero of Azerbaijan. In my personal view, the girl is wrong but none explain to her that she is not right, everyone started to insult badly. The huge social pressure makes people aggressive and impatient which influences our mind."

"The second is ignorance and low-level education. I think this factor stands behind of the situation mainly. The secular education stands in the roots of the problem. We have a better education than in Middle East countries but worse than in Europe. When there is no education people doesn't know the method of criticism."

"The third is that the structure of the community. Azerbaijan located in crossroads of civilizations. Society couldn't find its place. Some of them accept themselves as European, some of them as Turkic, Soviet, Religious and etc. All of them condemn each other."

Three factors stay in the root of the problem, solving them will lead us to have better society which is able to criticize in a proper way.


Ulvi Ahmedli

Eurasia Diary

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