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19 August, Monday

Game of Thrones fans can claim compensation for spoilers

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An insurance company is offering financial compensation for Game of Thrones fans who encounter spoilers. Endsleigh Insurance Services’ new “Spoiler Cover” allows fans to claim up to £100 financial compensation for plotlines ruined by friends, family or social media. They can also claim for a free NOW TV pass.


Tractor drive finds 12 million-year-old footprints

A New Zealand tractor driver has discovered what are believed to be 12 million-year-old footprints left by an extinct 500-lb bird. Experts, who used snorkels and underwater cameras to find further footprints, believe they came from the now-extinct Haast’s eagle.

University library evacuated because of stinky fruit 

The library of an Australian university was evacuated recently due to a suspected gas leak – but there turned out to be a different cause for the smell. Some 550 people evacuated the University of Canberra's library in less than six minutes when the alarm was raised but it turned out that the unpleasant odour wasn’t gas but durian, a notoriously smelly Malaysian fruit.


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