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26 February, Wednesday

Russian Pantsir-S air defense DESTROYS 100 drones around world

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Russian air-defense system Pantsir-S took down some 100 drones all over the world, Valery Slugin - the chief air defense designer KBP JSC, a division of Rostec’s High Precision Weapons JSC said in an interview for TASS.

He noted that Pantsir-S made such achievement mainly in Syria and other regions. The system obtained this experience against terrorist attacks.

"Initially, the terrorists tied up to 10 bombs to their drones, which made them perfectly visible on a radar. Later, they reduced the ordnance number to just two, and significantly reduced the drone’s speed. We had to apply some effort to teach the systems how to take down such targets," the designer said.

Pantsir-S system is designed for close-range air protection of civilian and military objects, around the clock, in any weather and radio-electronic environment. The system is armed with 12 guided missiles and two 30mm autocannons.

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