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18 April,

'When we face challenges we face global leadership vaccum' - President of WAAS

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“When we face these intense challenges we face a global leadership vacuum, Garry Jacobs, President & CEO, World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS) said in the webinar of WAAS on June 15.

EDNews.net reports that Mr. Jacobs stated that there is a need for leadership and evaluated the current situation.

“2020 represents another crisis point in modern history which probably few of us anticipated just a few years ago. The pandemic is only the latest most dramatic most intensively felt of these events. “

The CEO of WAAS mentioned the current challenges as the retreat of democracy, new arms race, the polarization of society and climate challenge grows day by day.

“All of these problems that we thought would be overcome at the end of the Cold War. We never imagined that would be growing intensively.”

Garry Jacobs considers that the world has the capacity to meet all human-beings' needs on the earth. But he sees the lack of mobilizing resources effectively and mobilizing political will to address these challenges as the main obstacle to reach the solution of global challenges.

He thinks that leadership that can overcome these challenges should cover people of all ages to show the right way.

Garry Jacobs emphasized the need for leadership in policy, business, civil society, education, and other spheres


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