The magnitude of the earthquake is huge - Officials report -

28 March, Tuesday

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The magnitude of the earthquake is huge - Officials report

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The magnitude of the earthquake in Turkiye, Syria and its neighboring territories is huge. Ednews reports, citing the information of the Turkish Embassy in Baku. 
The information says:
1. According to the first statement made by the Ministry of Health of the Syrian regime, the issues stated are as follows:
- The death toll due to the earthquake in the provinces of Aleppo, Hama and Latakia reached 42 and 200 injuries have been recorded so far. This number reflects the initial determinations and is expected to rise.
- Many buildings have collapsed and the material damage is high.
- The impact of the earthquake was felt most severely in Idlib.
2. The President of the Syrian Interim Government, Abdurrahman Mustafa, noted that the number of dead in the operation areas in northern Syria was 44, according to the initial determinations.
3. It is understood that the camps in the north of Syria where the displaced people stayed were also severely damaged by the earthquake.
in IRAN:
Although the earthquake was felt in the regions on Iran's border with Turkiye and Iraq, there is no material damage at this stage (Aid works continue for the Hoy-centered earthquake that occurred in the border region last week)
There is no loss of life, injury or property damage reported in the press in Israel.
There is no news in the Georgian press that the earthquake was felt there.
No serious damage or casualties have been detected so far after the earthquake, which was also felt severely in Lebanon. However, the Prime Ministry Emergency Management Committee is expected to meet during the day to make a situation assessment.

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