Votes are counted but final results may take days -

27 March, Monday

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Votes are counted but final results may take days

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Vote counting is under way in Nigeria's tightest presidential election since military rule ended in 1999. reports citing foreign medi that turnout appeared to be high, with many young, first-time voters arriving before dawn to cast their ballots.
Saturday's voting was marred by long delays at polling stations, as well as scattered reports of ballot box snatching and attacks by armed men.
And some parties have raised alarm over allegations of irregularities, which could lead to a disputed outcome.
The elections are the biggest democratic exercise in Africa, with 87 million people eligible to vote.
Politics has been dominated by two parties - the ruling APC and the PDP - since the restoration of multi-party democracy 24 years ago.
But this time, there is also a strong challenge from a third-party candidate in the race to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari - from the Labour Party's Peter Obi, who is backed by many young people.
Tens of thousands of polling stations are counting the results, which will be collated and sent to the electoral headquarters in the capital Abuja.
The final result is not expected until at least Tuesday.

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