Hong Kong denies detaining Uyghur student

Hong Kong has denied detaining a Uyghur scholar who human rights activists say went missing after arriving in the city earlier this month.
EDnews informs via BBC that Abuduwaili Abudureheman texted a friend on 10 May saying he was being interrogated by police at the airport.
He has not been heard from since, his friends told Amnesty International.
The rights group has demanded Hong Kong reveal his whereabouts, but the government said such a call was slander and "groundless and unfounded".
Hong Kong authorities also said there was no record that Mr Abuduwaili had arrived in the territory or was denied entry.
The Chinese government has been accused of a brutal crackdown against the Muslim minority Uyghurs, which it denies.
Mr Abuduwaili, who was born in Xinjiang, had been based in South Korea for the past seven years where he had earned a PhD in sports industry and leisure. He had flown from Seoul to Hong Kong to visit a friend, Amnesty said.
The group said it had received information that Mr Abuduwaili was on a "watch list" of Uyghurs and other Muslims from the north-western Xinjiang region, who had travelled outside of China.
Amnesty said it had recorded numerous cases of Uyghurs detained in China and abroad based solely on having a history of foreign travel.